Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stupid passport

the very first passport i got was when i was 13. it expired in 2007 and now since were going to Mexico I have to renew it. I filled out the application to do so and at the end of filling it out it puts the amount it will cost. . . turns out its gonna cost me 100 bucks!!!! yikes damnit guess I wont be buying a new swimsuit some shorts and sandals unless i can afford it like right before the trip. Hopefully I will be able to spare it while still paying Mark back as well as ensuring that my tax shit and tuition is taken care of. I am in quite a struggle at the time being but I know my determination and hardwork will help me overcome this shit. I am goin to call the whitelblack store tomorrow and tell them I would like to start working. Theyre bullshitting me right now and I need the money. I am going to watch slumdog millionaire then go work out.

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