Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG Insurance Bull Shit

So just like everyone else I am outraged that AIG has decided to use the majority of the stimulus or bail out or whatever you call it money that they received from the government to supposedly save them on fuckin bonuses! This is bullshit because this means that you and me and every other tax payer in this country own pretty much like 80 percent of AIG and this is what they are doing with their money to "save themselves from bankrutpcy". How pathetic and money hungry can you possibly get. I can not believe people and their selfishness. I heard someone say that AIG stands for Arrogance Ignorance and Greed. I stand behind that statement a hundred percent. They supposedly are giving these bonuses out to people who are outstanding performers. FUCKING BULLSHIT! Why don't you use the money you got and do something positive with it that is going to help our economy, NOT MAKE AMERICAN POWER HOUSE COMPANIES LOOK MORE IGNORANT AND GREEDY THAN EVER! I thought that the legislation passed the part of the bill that said that the companies who received this money for a bailout COULD NOT use it to give out bonuses, but apparently the idiots in Congress let that part slip on out because they didn't think it was an important part. Yay for our retarded ass fucking government! Don't worry they haven't stopped fuckin us up the ass hole just yet. . .the rapings have yet to come.

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