Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good News Version 2.0

I didn't want one HUGE LONG blog so I broke my good news up into several different blogs. Here's some more good news. On another good note. . .I think I found a new second job today. Mark and I went walking and driving around Colorado basically and I went in to the store Black & White [a store that I absolutely love and have tried to work at before but they weren't hiring] and asked if they were hiring and they were. I filled out the app and then had an interview right then and there with the manager who REALLY REALLY liked me so basically I'm just waiting for her to call my references and then she will be in contact with me in like a day or two! It pays 8.50 an hour and they have a thing where if you make a sale of a certain amount you get a certain amount of a bonus [it's not commission but sounds a lot like it they just call it a bonus program].  She has like 15-20 hrs a week available so that should be perfect with the courts! I'm really hoping to land the job because it's at a great store that I love, the people seem pretty nice already, the atmosphere was really relaxed and outgoing, and of course I could definitely use the money to help pay for this Mexico trip. I'll give you an update on how it turns out. 

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