Saturday, March 21, 2009

Consumer Alert!!! Blackberry Curve


I have had this phone since the summer. Every month [sometimes several times a month] my phone screen goes completely white and a JVM Error appears. When this happens, I have to take 20 minutes out of my day to run an application loader that deletes all of my applications and reboots my phone then replaces the applications [BUT NOT ALL OF THEM]. When it is missing applications I then have to take them the time to go through and manually select them to be placed on there. Then when I'm done reboosting the phone I have to take the time to reset the phone to the settings that I prefer. I have to go through and activate the phone, activate my emails, and make sure that all my favs have loaded properly. This phone is a ROYAL FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!! I have friends that have the phone as well and they have problems too to where they have to take out their battery and reset their phones everyday to ensure that they do not encounter any problems.

I am currently on the phone with T Mobile's level 2 support CUSSING THEM OUT for the piece of shit phone that they sell. They are aware of all the problems yet are still selling them?!?!?! How fucking retarded. I'm am getting a fucking different phone and I'm getting it for FUCKING FREE damnit! Even if I have to take this to the head of the goddamn company I will.

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