Monday, August 31, 2009

Need for new music

Give me a list of your most played songs. . .
recently discovered. . .
brand new songs. . .
because well honestly, I'm too lazy to look for myself. [=

I nearly broke my damn elbow

I was going into the restroom and hit my elbow with the door, directly on some nerves that were apparently connected to my pinky and ring finger on my left hand. I could not use these two fingers for a good thirty minutes. Thank God though, I am right handed and my studying session for Sensation and Perception went only momentarily interrupted by my screams of pain. [=

Harmonization or Prohibition

My first Addictions and Cravings class we were showed a video of an Australian show that was openly discussing drug use. On the show was teenagers who were either users or nonusers of drugs, parents of individuals who had overdosed and subsequently died of drug use, and researchers of drugs. Unfortunately, there was no government official present despite an invitation. The debate was centered around the idea of whether illegal drugs should be made legal through the process of harmonization where the government practices control of the drugs and the use of them or if prohibition of illegal drug use should be continued. The teenagers, especially two girls, argued that the drug use among their friends and fellow party goers was largely underestimated and in fact the majority of party goers are drug users. They defend their so called "recreational drug use" (this is what they called going out 2-3 times a week and using drugs each time) because they believe that it is a lot better, safer, and more convenient then drinking alcohol. They believe they practice in a recreational manner because they took the drugs "safely" meaning they only accepted drugs from people they knew and only took the drugs around people they knew. Despite the fact that I completely disagree with their point of view, I am in support of harmonization. The parents argued obviously for continued prohibition and the researchers were seemingly in between. Because I am in support of harmonization does not mean that I support drug use. I, in fact, do not use drugs and do not believe that anyone should use drugs regardless of whether or not that person is an addict or a recreational drug user. For this. . .I will be using the term recreational drug user as an individual who occasionally uses like the girls. They use the drug but their lives do not center around it, they are not dependent on it. Addicts are individuals who's lives center around the use of the drug, they are desperate to get their hands on it and will go to any length to get some.

Let's start with the ads against drugs that are displayed by the government as a No Tolerance Policy on drug use. The parents on the show felt that the ads are not targeted towards the teens and the drug users. Instead these ads are targeted to the parents, encouraging them to become involved in the lives of their children to ensure their safety and non drug use. The teens felt that these ads were also not targeted towards them because they think the ads are targeted for novice users, individuals who have just started or who have yet to start and are considering it. Both teens and parents do not feel they are successful in their goals. The teens just see the ads as shock tactics and that they are unrealistic, possibly as a result of their invincible and "this will never happen to me" attitudes. The consensus was that they just are working as effectively as they should be, that they were a waste of time and money. Personally, I believe the ads are not working as effectively as they should be either. I do believe that they are having an impact on keeping those novices away through the use of shock tactics and information on what could happen, but I believe that teens are in the mindset of whatever you tell them no to do, they are just going to go out and do. They could almost be seen as challengers to teens in the sense that they encourage them to prove the statistics wrong and demonstrate that they really are "invincible" and that the results that were shown in a commercial really aren't realistic. I do not think we should stop using them by all means, I just think we need something else to help out. Basically the sense of confidence and invincibility in the recreational user and drug addicts is not going to change as easily as a shocking ad. You have to wonder, exactly what will it take for them to realize the true consequences of their behavior?

Did you know that marijuana is seen as the safest drug to use? It is easily identified as a "soft drug". Unfortunately it is much more damaging then a lot of people realize. In fact, habitual use of the drug can result in psychosis. that

Now to my argument for harmonization. I believe the government should maintain the use of drugs after decriminalization. Age limits, amounts available, purity, what is in the drug, comorbid use can all be regulated among RECREATIONAL USERS ONLY. I do not ignore the fact that although it would be nice to remove all the drugs from the streets and hands of gangsters, the control is still a business. Whoever has the cheapest is where the ADDICTS will go to. Despite the fact that there will always be the street drug dealers, I am relying on the fact that recreational users will not trust the street drug more than they will trust the government drug. Although they know the consequences of taking the drug, the drug they will be given will be "SAFER" in the sense of purity, because it is CONTROLLED. Recreational users will have the added assurance of a pure drug from a safe source. I also realize that it is a slippery slope between recreational use and addiction, but even though I can not come up with my personal ideas on how to regulate that I'm sure something could be managed. I also realize that because there is money behind it and because wherever their is money, people will do whatever they can to get their hands on it, dirty pills will still make it into the government regulated system. I believe that because those individuals who would be behind this scheme would be more concerned with the amount of money in the long run so instead of not caring what is actually in the drug in terms of purity like gangsters and only focusing on the amount of money they can make, I believe the government officials will allow only a certain amount of dirtiness if you will to enter into the purity. I think the government will be more concerned of maintaing their customer case rather than killing them so they will be very careful about their mixing. Government control will ensure that people know what they are taking. Recreational users will not go to gangsters despite the cheaper offerings because they can not be sure of what is actually in the drug being sold. Addicts will go anywhere and to anyone so they are not considered.
We have regulated the use of tobacco. We have regulated the use of alcohol. We have regulated the use of cigarettes, in 1960 60% of the male population alone smoked, after regulation now only 18% smoke. We regulate gambling to a certain extent. I believe that we have successfully reduced the rates of these problems by regulating them so what's so wrong with at least TRYING harmonization. I'm not looking to eliminate drug use. I strongly believe that as long as the world produces the necessary ingredients to create drugs, we will always have them. I am looking to reduce the drug use problem. Prohibition, is not working at it's current state. I am definitely not saying that it won't ever work but it's not currently working so why not try something else? With new government regulation, means a new government branch, which in turn means MORE NEW JOBS. I'm just saying. . .[=

If you do not agree. . .feel free to tell me why. If you do agree. . .feel free to tell me why. If you have any suggestions whether to enhance harmonization or prohibition feel free. Mark and I have discussed this a great deal and I'm sure I have left out a lot, especially the side of against legalizing illegal drugs but hey I'm biased what can I say?!?! Lol. . .I'm definitely open to different points of view though.

oh btw

There will be no 10,000 dollars for me. I was not accepted for the egg donor stuff. ]=

Job Search

I hate looking for a job. I absolutely hate when you send people your resume in answer to an ad and they never fucking respond OR I get extremely pissed when you get a response and it's some bullshit company. Well anyways. . .hopefully I get something soon or the money anxiety is going to start kicking again. I have quite a few bills to pay.

I'm so sick and tired of people not doing their damn jobs or doing what they said they would do. I got a parking ticket while I was volunteering for the Denver Police Dept and they said that they would take care of the ticket and I wouldn't have to worry about paying it or anything. Funny thing is I got a notice in my mailbox they other day saying that I never paid the ticket and therefore it hadn't been taken care of. Now I have to take the time out of my day to call this dumb technician and tell him you said you would get it taken care of, now what's the damn deal? If they come back with some bullshit about how since I am no longer volunteering they will not be able to take care of it I'll be fucking pissed. If that was going to be the case they could have at least had the decency to fucking tell me in time for me to pay it on time and not have it double like it has. Regardless, I ain't paying this shit. This was on volunteer time. . .it was not my fault they did not take care of like they said they would. Fuckers!

I have to study for a Sensation and Perception test that's on Wednesday so I'm out.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Egg Donor

I am applying to be an egg donor. Not only could it possibly get me 10,00 dollars but also it would make me feel good about helping a couple or individual who can not conceive. I'll let ya'll know how it goes [=. Back to my homework. Goodnight.

Monday, August 24, 2009

You are the weakest link

So. . .I disappeared on my promise to post about harmonization and the legalization of illegal drugs. . .I still have plans on posting about it definitely however the reason I haven't done it yet is because I got fired from my bailiff position. Don't feel sorry for me because I'm not sad about it happening. I'm extremely PISSED because it was under wrongful terms but because Colorado is an open policy you can be fired for any reason and second because I just found out that I was in a temporary position I also just found out that they will not take my complaints into consideration. I am also furious because I had reported to my manager that I felt harassed and intimidated and I know for a fact that she did not report it like she was suppose to. I know this because I mentioned how I still felt harassed when they were terminating and she pretended that I did not tell her anything. Anyways. . .I don't really feel like going into the details or anything but every reason they gave me for firing me had a legitimate explanation and it was all bullshit. I'm pretty fucking furious long story short. I'm currently busy trying to keep my school work together, searching for a new job, and trying to maintain the rest of my life. I'm definitely happy that I do not have to work in such a petty ass, disrespectful place. Even though I know people experience harassment in every work force, I also know that just because it's in every place does not mean that you have to put it up with it. The city has a nice little BULLSHIT ASS loop hole that saved their asses from another investigation. Anyways, that's why I failed to post my very interesting ideas on harmonization.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm so much happier now that I'm back in class. I have an exciting post about illegal drug use and harmonization or prohibition coming up, probably tomorrow (probably while I'm at work) but I'm pretty tired tonight as I had a fairly busy day. I risked my hair and pride by going to a trade schools salon to get my roots down and hair trimmed for cheap. Ended up costing me a whole $30 dollars and it turned out great so I'm very pleased with the girl. I will probably go back to her. For now, I'm going to hit the sheets because the division I'm working in got switched for tomorrow and now I will be working in the busy ass Division 3. yay I'm super not excited about that but whatever. Night.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Interesting updates.

I skipped Monday's classes so those two I don't know how they are going to be. The online class should be pretty easy. Definitely does not seem as demanding yet as my previous online class. Need to take a look at the reading syllabus first though. My class that is on Tues and Thurs shouldn't be too hard. It's a Research design class that I thought was going to be a math class but it's not THANK GOD! I freakin' hate math.

I saw an article on the BBC today comparing the different health care systems of the U.S., the U.K., France, and somewhere else but I can't remember off the top of my head. I definitely like the U.K and France's systems. I'm so in support of a national health care system that I've frequently caught myself trying to convince Mark to move with me to England or France. He of course refuses every time but I think if I keep on pursuing I might change his mind hahaha. Anyways, I definitely recommend reading it, quite interesting.

I also saw that the man who successfully committed the greatest identity theft crime was caught. He hit three different companies and got A LOT of MONEY with two other russian co-conspirators. They used the highest of technology to get the information they were looking for conveniently accessed by the guys previous employment with the United States government tracking identity thieves. Funny how things work out. Thank God they caught that ass hole though.

Apparently, there is a shortage in news because I saw an article on the BBC today that was on whether a zombie infestation could wipe out the human race. ZOMBIES WIN. [=

Since school has started I have found a renewed desire to use my brain and demonstrate my intelligence by challenging myself with not blogging so much on tumblr. hahahahah [= I promise I'll be around more.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

hustlin'/health care/recession.

I finally got my loan today. Not too bad I guess. Wish I could pick up some more hours at work or something to make some more money. I also went and sold some clothes, some cd's and movies, two stereos and an old car stereo. I made like $95 dollars on that total so that's good, I'm very pleased with that.

All this craziness over a national health care plan. Personally, I am in total support of the idea. I see how successful Europe has used it and how much more convenient it is. I definitely do not see any evidence of socialism or communism within the idea and I think people who claim that are scared to actually allow their government to do something for the people they usually don't give a fuck about but yet still claim to be based on. I am a little scared with the control that will be given to the government with health insurance in their hands however I truly think that for the most part it'll be safer in the governments hands then in the hands of the greedy ass CEO's and "high on the totem pole" insurance employees. At least the people have more of an opportunity in the sayings of how the program will work while it's in the hands of the government. We'll see how it all turns out though. Honestly, despite how much I want the program to go into effect I really do not believe it will. . .I think those who claim that it is socialism will have a huge fucking uprising and all hell will break lose with the Devil coming on and striking cuntadactyl's down lol. I saw an article yesterday on the BBC that claimed the U.S. Federal Reserve said that the United States is out of recession. I definitely DISAGREE! We may be well on our way out of this horrible state however there is no fucking way we are free of its troubles. I think the government needs to be a little wiser in how they say things. The statistics may be there, however the actuality of those statistics aren't fact yet.

I've really not had that much to blog on because I've been so incredibly lazy lately. . .I started a new prescription level for my thyroid though so hopefully it gives me some more energy, plus I'm going to force Markle into getting a work out regiment together for us because we both complain about how fat and tired we are all the time. It's about damn time we actually do something for it. I use to read the BBC everyday and now I'm just reading George Carlin and Pride and Prejudice and blogging on tumblr lol. Lord help me. . .school starts Monday. I need to kick my ass in gear.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Job Searching again

So thanks to my parents informing a week before classes start, I will be paying for my own school books this year. Despite the fact that my parents guaranteed my books being paid for by them since they paid for my brothers' and sisters' while they were in college and that would be the only thing they paid for as long as we didn't have scholarships. Apparently, they can't afford them because they need to buy their junk food and still go out to eat and drive two cars. Whatever it's bullshit and I'm thoroughly pissed about it. They owe me almost $300 from my summer books and from me paying for my BC since they said they would cover all my medical costs while I was still in school as well. I want my fucking money because I need it! I did not account for the fact that I would only be offered a loan that I have to pay the interest on as well as I did not account for having to pay for my school books with some of that loan money. I still owe Mark $400 for the computer and I'm certain I owe Kyle and Tristin some money for the NE trip we just went on. I would like a new backpack. Basically working on Tues and Thurs and Fris fuckin' sucks. I should have set my classes up so that I could switch back to Mon and Wed because it almost seems like I would full day shifts then instead of just half day shifts with the possibility of having to stay in the afternoon. Fuck this economy! FUCK George Bush for putting America in this fuckin shit hole. I honest to God hope he is ashamed of the work he did as the President because he was selfish and inconsiderate.

Anyways. . .I'll be looking for a second job and I'll definitely be selling some of my shit too to make some money. I have a ton of baseball straight brimmed hats, a ton of clothes that no longer fit me or that I do not wear, as well as a bunch of shoes that I can get rid of as well. I wonder if book stores like used ones will buy books from me. I bet I can take some of the movies that I never freaking watch and the cd's that I don't ever listen to into a CD shop and get some cash there. I hate being broke!!!!! I almost want a credit card but that's fuckin' pointless because whatever I buy on those things I just have to pay off and I already don't have the fuckin' money for that shit to buy in the first place so why would I suddenly have the money to pay it off? Don't worry I'll be graduating on time, but I'll be so fuckin' broke I won't be able to go anywhere to find a fuckin' job with a goddamn city that has an open police academy. Needless to say. . .I won't have the money to buy the materials that I'll need while going through the academy.

I don't want another job because I know I'm not going to have the energy to do anything. I HATE HATE HATE working on the weekends because that is my time to relax and have fun. I work my ass of at school and work all fuckin' week I think that I definitely should be allowed to relax on the weekend. I wish I lived closer to the campus because then I could just sell my car not have to worry about gas, paying for parking, and insurance. Maybe I'll be back later. I'm going to go google how to save money when you're a college student.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Grades

Surprise Surprise! I got an A in my Inferential Stats class. The class that I thought that I was going to get a C in because of my first couple of test grades, but no definitely ended with an A. When I had doubts about my success I told myself that if I got in A in the class I would get a tattoo. I definitely deserve it with the work I put out into that class however instead of getting a tattoo I've been dying to get a stripper pole for Mark's new apartment. . .since he moved in actually. I didn't want to spend what most of the places were charging to get one though and since I have patiently waited the pole I want is on sale on Playboy for $100! Yesssss. . .I now can not wait to get it. I desperately want a tattoo but I can wait until another day. 

Tristin heard from her doctor who said as long as there is not anymore serious concern with the problem she was scared about everything should be fine still. Maddoxx and I went to the Cherry Creek Reservoir today. It SUCKED. The water is soo disgusting and a little too cold. Maddoxx is such a good swimmer though. . .made his mama proud lol! I'm so exhausted from this allergy medicine so I'm think I'm going to take a nap so I have the motivation to clean up my room.


We went to Nebbie again this weekend. Good times. We tubbed and I learned how to wakeboard. I have some video of me doing it too. I'm not that good at it, but I was getting up on my first tries and junk. I was definitely very proud of myself. Just beware. . .it makes you EXTREMELY SORE. . .especially in your back butt muscles and shins. Good fun stuff though. Maddoxx went and LOVED IT!!! There was two other dogs there so he had some great socialization experiences with them. He also got to go swimming and we discovered that he LOVES that as well. Especially just sitting on a floatie in the water he likes. He's not a very good swimmer so he takes after his mother very well lol. Unfortunately we had to cut the trip short a day, even though the water was fucking perfect yesterday to wakeboard and shit because Tristin thinks something is wrong with the baby growing within her. She may have miscarriaged which would be extremely unfortunate but not uncommon especially within the first trimester. She has been doing everything right and she wasn't doing of the water sporting stuff and whatnot but it still sucks. Especially if she does cuz she may end up blaming NE and never go back out there. I hope that everything turns out fine. Mark and I were a little sour about not getting to go back out but we definitely what is more important. I'll upload some pictures later probably. I'm going to go take Maddoxx to the resevior so we can go swimming again.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My phone drives me nuts!

Last night I was suppose to meet some friends up in Blackhawk at the casinos after I dropped my car off at my friends house in Evergreen. I drove all the way to Evergreen and when I went to call my friend to tell her I was near and to figure out how to get directly to her house from where I was my phone froze. It wouldn't let me do anything so I had to turn it off and then back on to reset it. It never turned back on. . .just kept turning off and on resetting its self for like an hour. I went to some gas stations to call my friend but couldn't get a hold of her. I finally was done dealing with it  and just went back home. My phone continued to reset itself starting at 9 pm when I first turned it off until 12:40 am. I was even more frustrated because I was really tired and thought it was just going to keep going when I tried to go to sleep but then it stopped right before I shut off my computer to go to bed. 

I fuckin' hate T Mobile. They're phones are so shitty. They're service is so shitty. I don't know when my contract is up but I definitely think that I will be getting a new phone as soon as it is. Hm. . .I wonder when my contract is up. I should check on that.