Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Grades

Surprise Surprise! I got an A in my Inferential Stats class. The class that I thought that I was going to get a C in because of my first couple of test grades, but no definitely ended with an A. When I had doubts about my success I told myself that if I got in A in the class I would get a tattoo. I definitely deserve it with the work I put out into that class however instead of getting a tattoo I've been dying to get a stripper pole for Mark's new apartment. . .since he moved in actually. I didn't want to spend what most of the places were charging to get one though and since I have patiently waited the pole I want is on sale on Playboy for $100! Yesssss. . .I now can not wait to get it. I desperately want a tattoo but I can wait until another day. 

Tristin heard from her doctor who said as long as there is not anymore serious concern with the problem she was scared about everything should be fine still. Maddoxx and I went to the Cherry Creek Reservoir today. It SUCKED. The water is soo disgusting and a little too cold. Maddoxx is such a good swimmer though. . .made his mama proud lol! I'm so exhausted from this allergy medicine so I'm think I'm going to take a nap so I have the motivation to clean up my room.

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