Monday, August 10, 2009


We went to Nebbie again this weekend. Good times. We tubbed and I learned how to wakeboard. I have some video of me doing it too. I'm not that good at it, but I was getting up on my first tries and junk. I was definitely very proud of myself. Just beware. . .it makes you EXTREMELY SORE. . .especially in your back butt muscles and shins. Good fun stuff though. Maddoxx went and LOVED IT!!! There was two other dogs there so he had some great socialization experiences with them. He also got to go swimming and we discovered that he LOVES that as well. Especially just sitting on a floatie in the water he likes. He's not a very good swimmer so he takes after his mother very well lol. Unfortunately we had to cut the trip short a day, even though the water was fucking perfect yesterday to wakeboard and shit because Tristin thinks something is wrong with the baby growing within her. She may have miscarriaged which would be extremely unfortunate but not uncommon especially within the first trimester. She has been doing everything right and she wasn't doing of the water sporting stuff and whatnot but it still sucks. Especially if she does cuz she may end up blaming NE and never go back out there. I hope that everything turns out fine. Mark and I were a little sour about not getting to go back out but we definitely what is more important. I'll upload some pictures later probably. I'm going to go take Maddoxx to the resevior so we can go swimming again.

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