Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Job Searching again

So thanks to my parents informing a week before classes start, I will be paying for my own school books this year. Despite the fact that my parents guaranteed my books being paid for by them since they paid for my brothers' and sisters' while they were in college and that would be the only thing they paid for as long as we didn't have scholarships. Apparently, they can't afford them because they need to buy their junk food and still go out to eat and drive two cars. Whatever it's bullshit and I'm thoroughly pissed about it. They owe me almost $300 from my summer books and from me paying for my BC since they said they would cover all my medical costs while I was still in school as well. I want my fucking money because I need it! I did not account for the fact that I would only be offered a loan that I have to pay the interest on as well as I did not account for having to pay for my school books with some of that loan money. I still owe Mark $400 for the computer and I'm certain I owe Kyle and Tristin some money for the NE trip we just went on. I would like a new backpack. Basically working on Tues and Thurs and Fris fuckin' sucks. I should have set my classes up so that I could switch back to Mon and Wed because it almost seems like I would full day shifts then instead of just half day shifts with the possibility of having to stay in the afternoon. Fuck this economy! FUCK George Bush for putting America in this fuckin shit hole. I honest to God hope he is ashamed of the work he did as the President because he was selfish and inconsiderate.

Anyways. . .I'll be looking for a second job and I'll definitely be selling some of my shit too to make some money. I have a ton of baseball straight brimmed hats, a ton of clothes that no longer fit me or that I do not wear, as well as a bunch of shoes that I can get rid of as well. I wonder if book stores like used ones will buy books from me. I bet I can take some of the movies that I never freaking watch and the cd's that I don't ever listen to into a CD shop and get some cash there. I hate being broke!!!!! I almost want a credit card but that's fuckin' pointless because whatever I buy on those things I just have to pay off and I already don't have the fuckin' money for that shit to buy in the first place so why would I suddenly have the money to pay it off? Don't worry I'll be graduating on time, but I'll be so fuckin' broke I won't be able to go anywhere to find a fuckin' job with a goddamn city that has an open police academy. Needless to say. . .I won't have the money to buy the materials that I'll need while going through the academy.

I don't want another job because I know I'm not going to have the energy to do anything. I HATE HATE HATE working on the weekends because that is my time to relax and have fun. I work my ass of at school and work all fuckin' week I think that I definitely should be allowed to relax on the weekend. I wish I lived closer to the campus because then I could just sell my car not have to worry about gas, paying for parking, and insurance. Maybe I'll be back later. I'm going to go google how to save money when you're a college student.

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