Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This weekend I learned

That when starting a money journal YOU CAN'T FUCKING FORGET IT OVER THE WHOLE WEEKEND! I fucked myself over with that one! SMH I'm not starting off so well with this thing but hopefully I can get things back into order pretty quickly here.

I have been off my thyroid medications for like a week now. It's not going so well! I haven't been really moody or anything just EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED! When I wake up I feel like I got enough rest and I feel good but then like 10 am hits and I'm so freaking tired. I didn't want to have to buy a new prescription before I went in for blood work again but I think I'm going to have to. One because of how badly it's affecting me and two because I want to make sure that my blood work is coming out good. On Christmas I found out that my Aunt also has a thyroid disorder. My brother and sister better keep getting themselves checked out.

Mark and I went to see Avatar Sunday. It was FUCKING AMAZING! I loved the effects, I loved the concepts, I loved the plot! At first I was really disgusted because it definitely described the American Way. . .we think we can go anywhere we want and take whatever we want and leave it how ever it ends up - whether it be completely destroyed or in prime condition. That aspect about America definitely does not make me proud to be an American. I thought the 3-d experience would be questionable and I was worried about it being a waste of money but it fucking put my mouth on the floor. In previous 3-D movies you can just watch the movie without the glasses and you'll be fine. For this one though your eyes don't stand a chance! We sat up a close because we got there too late however it turned out just fine. I think had we sat just a couple rows further back it would have been fucking perfect. I really enjoyd the movie. James Cameron has some fucking creative ass ideas and that's fucking awesome!

Tomorrow Mark and I are going snowboarding with a friend his. I'm super excited. I hope it snows like the forecast says though because I don't want to thunderfuck my face on the ice/snow when I fall. I tried to tell Mark to tell Kris that I am afraid of heights just so that he is prepared but he said it should be fine. We'll see about that.

Glad to see yall like my new hair and tattoo. Thanks!

15 Diet Tips From Web MD

1. Drink plenty of water or other calorie-free beverages
2. Think about what you can add to your diet, not what you should take away
3. Consider whether you are really hungry
4. Be choosy about nighttime snacks
5. Enjoy your favorite foods
6. Enjoy your treats away from home
7. Eat several mini meals during the day
8. Eat protein at every meal
9. Spice it up - add more spicey foods
10. Stack your fridge with healthy convenience foods
11. Order children's portions at restaurants
12. Eat foods in season
13. Swap a cup of pasta for a cup of veggies
14. Use non-food alternatives to cope with stress
15. Be physically active

I think these are all really good tips. I know that if I want to be successful in the Academy and in my career as a police officer I need to get myself back into shape and muscled up. My legs can't do all the work for me when it comes to strength. I'll be getting my left over scholarship money in January and I'm making a diet and workout a reality. Mark and I both really want to lose some weight and get back into shape and I truly believe working out together is a great idea. I definitely need a motivational partner and it'll be good time to spend together and hopefully it will relieve any future stress between us (no more petty arguments or snappiness towards each other lol)!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tattoo pictures

This is the side and back. The garter goes all the way around and like I said the shading has yet to be done so the tattoo is not finished.

A couple pictures of the new black hair.

I just bought that green beanie. It's my fav. [=

Merry Christmas!

I've been terribly busy with work and trying to catch on my sleep. I'm now fighting a nasty cold that I'm hoping will be gone tomorrow since I've been feeling better today.

The news:
for xmas I got everything I needed/wanted. This includes my own poker set, a snowboarding jacket, a series of books, harry potter, curlers and more. It was a perfect xmas. My family got a long a lot better this year. It was a little awkward Christmas Eve because we went to my cousins for the gift exchange and dinner and my auntie was there. It's my dad sister's and she had led a rough and difficult life (and that's just sugar coating it). Basically, as a result my Dad never speaks of or to her and she lives there. I haven't seen her in several years so it was great seeing her. I don't having any harbored feelings toward her and can't judge her for the mistakes she's made in her life so it was definitely awesome to see her and get caught up. Maddoxx seemed to be truly excited about his new toys and treats!

I colored my hair AGAIN! I'm now a raven haired beauty. I was going for a dark brown and the box solution I decided to use decided for ME that I would instead have black hair. I actually ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I love dark hair with blue eyes so I think it's extremely sexy. My boss told me I look like Snow White. hahahah I confirmed that today somehow in my own opinion. I'll post some pictures later.

I told Mark his XMAS gift, which is I'm paying for him to go skydiving. He is extra excited about it. He's been dying to do it and he bought the over the knee boots that I absolutely fell in love with for me so I decided to show my gratitude for him and treat him to something he would love to do. I asked his mother before I told him. I just wanted to make sure that she would not kill me when she found out that I paid for it and let him do it . She was excited and terrified for him. I spent a night down with his family for a family dinner and it was great. A little awkward at first because I had just gotten a new tattoo that Mark told her about before going there and she doesn't really approve of them. It doesn't bother me that she doesn't approve and she was very polite about it, just asked some questions lol.

That's also new news. I got a new tattoo. It's a garter with a snub nose inside it. It's soooo fucking sexy. It's high up on my thigh so not very visible but super HAWT! I'll also post pictures of that later. I got it as a reward to myself for all my hard work in school. I've been dying for one and so I finally just decided this is the one I want for the time being and ran off and got it. The worst part was when he was doing the back part of my thigh. It goes all the way around and I definitely thought the inside would hurt the most but the back part was the worst part. I love it. Mark loves it. Anyone who has seen it has loved it. Unfortunately it's not totally complete yet. I need to get the shading done. Since we had to be at dinner that night we didn't have much time and couldn't fit that in. Hopefully, I'll be going back pretty soon.

I hope all you readers, the few of you, had a wonderful Christmas. [=

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I disappeared again but I had a legitimate reason. I just had finals last week so last week and the week before were super busy for me. I have not received my grades yet, that's thursday. I did get my online class grade which was a B so I'm shooting for basically one A two B's and a C. That's pretty typical of me. Thank God I'm not shooting for graduate school with those puppies right?! I haven't done much of anything to prepare myself for the real world when I graduate next semester but I figure I got a little time to get that together. I have to get costs together for housing, car payments, bills, and so forth for when I graduate because I will be making a decision on a job. My current manager is offering me a salary position in the office and he is also offering me a commission position as a part of the salary position helping him start a new business. Or I can go straight into the academy. Or I can join the national guard and go to basic training for like two months, get stationed in Colorado and then go into the police department. With the national guard I can't really be refused a position because of all the training I had. It would be pretty awesome. I'd start in the guard as a higher rank because of my four year degree. I'm learning towards options one and three so far right now because I think that they are the best opportunities to prepare me for my career. It'll be nice to come out of school and already have two full time jobs with my current employer so that I can get my life and money situation together.

The national guard is another story. My friend Kyle actually got me thinking about it. I do not like the military. I don't believe in some of the wars and the politics that go into it so I do not believe that I'm a prime candidate for it. However, if I joined the guard I would never really go to war unless the STATE OF COLORADO went to war. I find that very interesting. Obviously that's very unlikely to happen but you never know with the world ending and junk hahahaha jk.

I'm excited but also dreading getting my grades back. I was really worried about passing this one class that is required for my major. If I do not pass this little bitch. . .I WILL NOT GRADUATE ON TIME =[. I'll be so fucking pissed because the teacher was horrible. My low grade in the class in general definitely demonstrates his poor teaching skills. Hopefully I just skirted by. I've tried to email him and see if he'll just email my grade to me but apparently my school email is not working. It's quite aggravating actually.

I got a Christmas bonus the other day! I was super excited about that. I've been doing really good money wise surprisingly. I haven't been saving but I also haven't been spending like crazy either. I'm going to finally pay Mark back for the computer and stuff like that and then I get paid Thursday so I'll be putting money into my savings from that. [= I'm actually going to start a money journal were I track everything that I spend and put into my bank and stuff. I'm looking to get past this fear of not being able to look at my bank account. Hopefully it works!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boundaries in relationships

I saw a post on Tumblr today about setting up boundaries in your relationship in order to maintain a healthy relationship. It mentioned boundaries like having your own separate hobbies, keeping your private life separate without having to lie, and trusting your own intuition while keeping your mind open to other opinions. I think these things are really very important for relationships. As mine and Mark's relationship has developed I feel we have both began to neglect our other friends, especially his best friend and people that we use to work with as well as my best friend. Our best friends are so different though because I believe those relationships have just drifted apart because of differences. Each one is in their own relationship wrapped up in their partner. On his side, Dane and Jessie live downtown and constantly go out downtown which is really convenient for them. But for us, we don't like going downtown. It's expensive for drinks, for gas, and for parking. It's inconvenient because we have to drive down there and pay for parking. We don't mind going out down there once in a while but it seems like every time we do drama happens and we go on fucking trekking missions across denver. It would almost be the exact same for them if they were coming down to Aurora though. They would have to drive, but they wouldn't have to pay for parking. There are no possible trekking missions. It's not as nearly as expensive. There's rarely ever drama. For my side, Rachael and I just drifted apart and stopped hanging out and communicating. She started blowing me off, stopped responding to my phone calls and texts, and I did the same. She likes to do different things when she goes out plus we have different groups of friends. Times are harder for maintaining both new and old relationships as the years of age increase. What are some of the best tips of advice to manage both?

1. Keep the lines of communication open. Be clear, concise, and courteous.
2. Offer specific events for chances to get together - holiday mini parties, game nights, double dates for a new restaurant or movie
3. Be open - new things aren't so bad once you give them a try.
4. Be fair - make sure if one weekend it's downtown then the next weekend it's not
5. Be considerate - if you think they'd like it INVITE THEM
6. Stay calm and be mature - if a problem arises try you're best to be adults (only because of alcohol)
7. Don't hold grudges - friendships should not be thrown away so easily
9. Don't forget them - it's easy to put others before them but it shouldn't be happening every time
10. Compromise

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Being apart from your significant other makes you really realize just how much they mean to you. Since Mark has been gone and I haven't really been able to talk to him except through email womp womp I've really become lonely and realized how much of a staple he is in my life. We spend a lot of time together and it's so weird now that we haven't. It also has made me realize that I need to quit being so damn antisocial with my friends because without him I ain't got a damn thing to do and that's no fun! There's a lot of shit about that still needs to be changed with the whole antisocial behavior and not giving a fuck about people, but as shit happens I learn and change.

I got some other shit to do with homework plus I don't really feel like even thinking right now because I have some other shit going on and I'm tired.