Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I've been terribly busy with work and trying to catch on my sleep. I'm now fighting a nasty cold that I'm hoping will be gone tomorrow since I've been feeling better today.

The news:
for xmas I got everything I needed/wanted. This includes my own poker set, a snowboarding jacket, a series of books, harry potter, curlers and more. It was a perfect xmas. My family got a long a lot better this year. It was a little awkward Christmas Eve because we went to my cousins for the gift exchange and dinner and my auntie was there. It's my dad sister's and she had led a rough and difficult life (and that's just sugar coating it). Basically, as a result my Dad never speaks of or to her and she lives there. I haven't seen her in several years so it was great seeing her. I don't having any harbored feelings toward her and can't judge her for the mistakes she's made in her life so it was definitely awesome to see her and get caught up. Maddoxx seemed to be truly excited about his new toys and treats!

I colored my hair AGAIN! I'm now a raven haired beauty. I was going for a dark brown and the box solution I decided to use decided for ME that I would instead have black hair. I actually ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I love dark hair with blue eyes so I think it's extremely sexy. My boss told me I look like Snow White. hahahah I confirmed that today somehow in my own opinion. I'll post some pictures later.

I told Mark his XMAS gift, which is I'm paying for him to go skydiving. He is extra excited about it. He's been dying to do it and he bought the over the knee boots that I absolutely fell in love with for me so I decided to show my gratitude for him and treat him to something he would love to do. I asked his mother before I told him. I just wanted to make sure that she would not kill me when she found out that I paid for it and let him do it . She was excited and terrified for him. I spent a night down with his family for a family dinner and it was great. A little awkward at first because I had just gotten a new tattoo that Mark told her about before going there and she doesn't really approve of them. It doesn't bother me that she doesn't approve and she was very polite about it, just asked some questions lol.

That's also new news. I got a new tattoo. It's a garter with a snub nose inside it. It's soooo fucking sexy. It's high up on my thigh so not very visible but super HAWT! I'll also post pictures of that later. I got it as a reward to myself for all my hard work in school. I've been dying for one and so I finally just decided this is the one I want for the time being and ran off and got it. The worst part was when he was doing the back part of my thigh. It goes all the way around and I definitely thought the inside would hurt the most but the back part was the worst part. I love it. Mark loves it. Anyone who has seen it has loved it. Unfortunately it's not totally complete yet. I need to get the shading done. Since we had to be at dinner that night we didn't have much time and couldn't fit that in. Hopefully, I'll be going back pretty soon.

I hope all you readers, the few of you, had a wonderful Christmas. [=

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