Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This weekend I learned

That when starting a money journal YOU CAN'T FUCKING FORGET IT OVER THE WHOLE WEEKEND! I fucked myself over with that one! SMH I'm not starting off so well with this thing but hopefully I can get things back into order pretty quickly here.

I have been off my thyroid medications for like a week now. It's not going so well! I haven't been really moody or anything just EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED! When I wake up I feel like I got enough rest and I feel good but then like 10 am hits and I'm so freaking tired. I didn't want to have to buy a new prescription before I went in for blood work again but I think I'm going to have to. One because of how badly it's affecting me and two because I want to make sure that my blood work is coming out good. On Christmas I found out that my Aunt also has a thyroid disorder. My brother and sister better keep getting themselves checked out.

Mark and I went to see Avatar Sunday. It was FUCKING AMAZING! I loved the effects, I loved the concepts, I loved the plot! At first I was really disgusted because it definitely described the American Way. . .we think we can go anywhere we want and take whatever we want and leave it how ever it ends up - whether it be completely destroyed or in prime condition. That aspect about America definitely does not make me proud to be an American. I thought the 3-d experience would be questionable and I was worried about it being a waste of money but it fucking put my mouth on the floor. In previous 3-D movies you can just watch the movie without the glasses and you'll be fine. For this one though your eyes don't stand a chance! We sat up a close because we got there too late however it turned out just fine. I think had we sat just a couple rows further back it would have been fucking perfect. I really enjoyd the movie. James Cameron has some fucking creative ass ideas and that's fucking awesome!

Tomorrow Mark and I are going snowboarding with a friend his. I'm super excited. I hope it snows like the forecast says though because I don't want to thunderfuck my face on the ice/snow when I fall. I tried to tell Mark to tell Kris that I am afraid of heights just so that he is prepared but he said it should be fine. We'll see about that.

Glad to see yall like my new hair and tattoo. Thanks!

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