Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I disappeared again but I had a legitimate reason. I just had finals last week so last week and the week before were super busy for me. I have not received my grades yet, that's thursday. I did get my online class grade which was a B so I'm shooting for basically one A two B's and a C. That's pretty typical of me. Thank God I'm not shooting for graduate school with those puppies right?! I haven't done much of anything to prepare myself for the real world when I graduate next semester but I figure I got a little time to get that together. I have to get costs together for housing, car payments, bills, and so forth for when I graduate because I will be making a decision on a job. My current manager is offering me a salary position in the office and he is also offering me a commission position as a part of the salary position helping him start a new business. Or I can go straight into the academy. Or I can join the national guard and go to basic training for like two months, get stationed in Colorado and then go into the police department. With the national guard I can't really be refused a position because of all the training I had. It would be pretty awesome. I'd start in the guard as a higher rank because of my four year degree. I'm learning towards options one and three so far right now because I think that they are the best opportunities to prepare me for my career. It'll be nice to come out of school and already have two full time jobs with my current employer so that I can get my life and money situation together.

The national guard is another story. My friend Kyle actually got me thinking about it. I do not like the military. I don't believe in some of the wars and the politics that go into it so I do not believe that I'm a prime candidate for it. However, if I joined the guard I would never really go to war unless the STATE OF COLORADO went to war. I find that very interesting. Obviously that's very unlikely to happen but you never know with the world ending and junk hahahaha jk.

I'm excited but also dreading getting my grades back. I was really worried about passing this one class that is required for my major. If I do not pass this little bitch. . .I WILL NOT GRADUATE ON TIME =[. I'll be so fucking pissed because the teacher was horrible. My low grade in the class in general definitely demonstrates his poor teaching skills. Hopefully I just skirted by. I've tried to email him and see if he'll just email my grade to me but apparently my school email is not working. It's quite aggravating actually.

I got a Christmas bonus the other day! I was super excited about that. I've been doing really good money wise surprisingly. I haven't been saving but I also haven't been spending like crazy either. I'm going to finally pay Mark back for the computer and stuff like that and then I get paid Thursday so I'll be putting money into my savings from that. [= I'm actually going to start a money journal were I track everything that I spend and put into my bank and stuff. I'm looking to get past this fear of not being able to look at my bank account. Hopefully it works!


  1. good luck on the grades.

    i was a member of the national guard for eight simple years and although i dropped out of college i still continued my weekend warrior commitment and it has always brought me some of the best memories of my life. basic training was the bomb as well.

    get that money!