Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Want to wish my readers, so few of them, the best in the year to come. May it be filled with happiness, pleasure, and money for you as I am hoping mine will be.

This is the year I graduate from college. I can not wait! I'm also scared to death to be unprepared. It's very exciting.

I spent my New Year celebration at Gibby's a local bar with my regular group of friends plus one who was in town. We had an awesome time. I won a best dressed competition. I wore black ankle boots, leopard print tights, a black shirt, a white v neck shirt and a leather jacket. My prize was a mini-bar!!! We didn't go pick it up though because I had a stomach bug, not a hangover, and was too tired to. How did ya'll bring in the New Year? Has your new year started off well so far?

Mark and I went snowboarding a couple days ago in Winter Park. I'm still ridiculously sore. My first run was fucking flawless. I was so incredibly proud of myself. The rest of the day was a little rough because we were going down green runs and it turns out Winter Park has a lot of fucking straights and those fucking suck dick! I had to take my board off several times and hike it to the next hill. Needless to say, as a result my legs were dead fucking tired by the end of the day. I couldn't even stand up. I started crying out of frustration and pain so we took some lifts down and then took one more run down and left. I had an amazing time despite the pain and frustration. I really felt bad because I always feel like I'm taking away from Mark having a good time. I have to learn how to use my toe side so that I don't put so much weight and junk on my thighs and then I'll be able to go for much longer. Mark still said he had a lot of fun but for a while he sounded very aggravated that I restrict him so much. I told him he could go and do what he wants, but he always refuses which is so incredibly kind of him. When I get my skill level up well be fucking smashing on bitches in those mountains. The snow was perfect. It snowed all day Wednesday so there was fresh powder everywhere!! I was really good about the lifts. The only time I cried on them was when we were taking one down for lunch because we were trying to meet some friends and if we boarded down I would have taken forever and we wouldn't have been able to eat with them. I had a full on panic attack and Mark kept telling me to close my eyes. He even said he got a little scared because of the height. It's beautiful up there on those things but it's also TERRIFYING. My hands got cold just from gripping the poles so hard. My new snowboarding coat acted like a pristine beast that she is. I am definitely very happy with it. I was also very proud of myself because I only fell once while getting of the lift. When I fell I pulled Mark down with me on accident so we fell together. I was so scared he was going to be so mad at me but he just was concerned if I was hurt from him landing on me. Altogether it was a fun and successful day. Now, only to get rid of this soreness!!!