Saturday, January 9, 2010

PSH. . .I want to be famous too + Tattooing Children

I want a famous blog. How do I get on that kind of status? Don't you readers tell all your followers and friends about me?! (hahah psh yea fuckin right). Anyways, I kind of do what a blog that people have favorite-d and come to everyday for their every day update on not only what is going on in my life, but about new fashions, new news, and more. Now that I've made a return to this site, a more successful return where I'm actually blogging every day, I need to find stuff to blog about. It shouldn't be that hard. I'd like to know what ya'll would like to discuss too so feel free to throw out suggestions. I'd be happy to do some research on any topic just for you.

Moving on. I've recently been hearing a story on the radio about a family who is tattooing their minor children with a home made tattooing system. The children are 10 years old, 2 11 year olds, 12 years old , and a 15 and 17 year old. The parents tattooed a black cross on their hands. I know one of the children got Mom and Dad tattooed along with the cross. A sharpened guitar string was used as the needle. Illegal tattooing, cruelty to children, and reckless conduct are what the two parents are being charged with. The parents do not believe they did anything wrong. They feel strongly that they think the whole situation has been completely blown out of proportion. They feel that they did not put their children into any kind of serious danger and that the children wanted them. The parents have tattooed themselves with the same gun, I'm sure around the children. These are the type of people that the city/state should be SNATCHING UP INTO THEIR HANDS FOR CUSTODY! The children come from separate marriages so they definitely need to be placed in to the custody of more capable hands, either the other parents or the state, and removed from these two morons. I'm not a big proponent of taking children away from their parents, throwing them into an orphanage and then hoping for the best with, but in this case there's not much else that you can do, I can't imagine why the parents would think that just because the children wanted a tattoo that it was okay for them to tattoo them. I don't care what the parents do to themselves, however it's not okay to succumb to children's desires for something like this, something so life altering and permanent. Apparently, it never occurred to them that the children may be denied things in their life as a result of having a tattoo, especially in such a visible area. I wish the parents were being charged with something more serious, however I don't even know if such charges exist. The whole gig was up when the mother of one the children discovered the tattoo on one of the children. She took it immediately to the police. Clearly, both sets of parents were not involved in the decision making process here of whether the children should or shouldn't be tattooed. Imagine coming to pick up your children from your babies daddy's house and finding that shit out. I would be SO FUCKING FURIOUS I'd beat the life out both of them. I'm also disgusted by the fact that they've been using the same sharpened down guitar string on themselves and each child. HOW FUCKING INCREDIBLY UNSANITARY. I wouldn't be surprised to see filthy living conditions in their home as well. Just disgusting, pathetic, and insanely stupid.

What do you think about this story? I tried to upload a video but blogger wouldn't let me so here's a link to the partial CNN video.

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