Sunday, January 24, 2010

My sunday funday

I failed the whole idea of not drinking last night to help improve my stomach functions (my stomach has been feeling a lot better, I think it was a result of bad food). I didn't drink much but I did wake up this morning with a pounding headache and a blank in my mind from walking into Mark's apartment and getting in bed. I'm not sure what went on or what I said during that part of the night but I'm fairly certain it was not a result of blacking out from alcohol but a combo of extreme exhaustion and a small effect of alcohol lol. Despite my splitting headache I have been quite productive today. I did some homework so I'm ahead in my classes for now. I would really like to start the papers that I have to write and the presentation that I need to do now so that I can just focus on the experiment and the paper for the experiment later on and not everything at once. I'll be doing my research on the topics I want to cover and stuff like that later.

I bought some new clothes yesterday. I have been in a desperate desire for a long sleeve mini dress and some knee high socks. I got both of those items from American Apparel and I added on a really cute, really sexy one piece thong thing from American Apparell as well.

Heres the dress and thigh high socks

Here's the top that I paired with a grey skirt and the thigh high socks with a little peep of my tattoo:

I'm excited to wear the dress with the over the knees Mark got me for XMAS.


  1. Nice outfits!!1 New clothes are always the best, It refreshes the soul somehow!

  2. Absolutely. And Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.

  3. Good girl! We cant "blame it on the alcohol". Plus, look at what it done for you I got to say, you know how to fill in a dress well. Got to agree with Captkeyes on this one, the clothes makes the man...Or in this case the woman.