Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Credit Card

So. . .I am looking into buying a new car when I graduate. I am specifically interested in getting a Nissan Exterra or Pathfinder because I need a 4 wheel drive vehicle for the winter and those have good gas mileage and lifetimes. However, as I was talking with my ma last night, she helped me realize that I have ABSOLUTELY NO established credit to be able to purchase a car, let alone the money but that's not important right now. So I have decided that I am being forced into getting a credit card because no one in my family will be able to be a cosigner for me and I don't want to have to pay for that anyways. My mom suggested getting a Capital One Card because she said that what you do is send them say $500 dollars for example and that sets your maximum spending amount. Each time you spend money on that card you have to pay that amount back in order to keep your balance on the card in order. I'm actually getting ready to do my research and ensure that this is how it really works but for the most part I will be getting my first credit card. I'm happy to say that I have gone 22 years without one and have not racked up any debt besides school loans, unlike a lot of the people I know. I'm scared of this thing. It's a big commitment and it will take a lot of convincing to get me to actually agree to getting this thing. I don't trust myself enough and I also am tied to it. Committing to something I'm uncertain of, which is anything that requires a commitment, is definitely a recurring theme within my life story. I cry every time I sign a fucking phone contract I mean shit. This is something that I have to do and I just have to be diligent about only using it sparingly and smartly. I can't fuck myself over by going over the top and not making the payments and shit like that. Although I've applied for credit cards in the past, I never got approved so I didn't have anything to worry about so we'll see if Capital One even approves me. Wish me luck anyways.

On a side note, I didn't want to go anywhere this weekend or do anything but then I realized I have shit to do. I have to go get my oil changed and my prescription filled. I didn't want to spend money really either but I really want this dress and this one piece thong thing from American Apparel so I think I'm going to treat myself.

I decided on my third idea for my research experiment. The final idea I'm going to submit is Does learning the statistics of gambling increase the chances or change the behavior of the gambler. It should be a fun thing to look at it.

I'm really sick and tired of the Tumblr, other blog, site that I'm on. It has so many malfunctions and errors and it's constantly ridiculously slow. It's quite aggravating because I really like the site and stuff but in general it is truly shitty. =[

I'm off to do my research and prepare to watch Grey's Anatomy which starts in 15 minutes! YAYAYYYAY


  1. Hey Jodii, credit is just like a hammer. You can either build a house with it, or smash your thumb pretty bad.
    If you fully understand what you're getting into and use it responsibly, you're way ahead of most everyone else.

    In regards to your research experiment, the population capable of understanding statistics will be inherently different than those who gamble without understanding the numbers. Just an FYI. Either way, I completely agree. It should be a lot of fun to look into.

  2. Charles I do understand what I'm getting into with the whole credit card situation. . .that's why I'm so scared of it, I definitely can only hope that I would use it responsibly. The problem with me however is though I see it as if I don't have the money to get something that I want then that means I should not have it until I can afford it. The credit makes that situation disappear and before, when I was younger there's NO WAY IN HELL I'd ever be responsible with that type of freedom, however I think I have learned a lot from my free spending as a young one and have realized the destruction I could cause with a card is not worth it. I did apply for one and I have before as well and got denied again. I'm not sure why so I'm waiting on their letter to see what they say and then I'm going to do my research behind it. I find it unfair and very aggravating that I keep getting denied because I think it's because I have ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT.

    On the research study, finding people who can comprehend the statistics part is definitely going to be a challenge and I definitely thought of it and will be presenting it as a weakness in my study for my teacher. Hopefully, she might be able to come up with a suggestion to fix that. We'll see. I'm far too stressed out over this thing so I've been trying to avoid it lol.