Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Important Stuff

READ THIS - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8426663.stm

Then come back and read this -

This article made my jaw hit the floor. I have been a big proponent of a united health care system since I saw Michael Moore's movie ( the title of the movie escapes me at this point in time). A lot of people have heard my desire for this type of health care system and all they say to me is that I haven't done all my research and I don't know everything that is going to change. Despite what they think, I did do my research. MONTHS AGO! I know that taxes are going to increase, but I don't think that matters to me. I'd rather a certain percent come directly out of my paycheck for my health then me having to pay a fucking FORTUNE just to ensure that I'm healthy when I leave the hospital. Anyways, this post is not about my beliefs. I just wanted to point out the differences in the American stories versus the European stories. The European stories just sound SO MUCH BETTER TO ME. Honest to God, the stories I've heard of the health care in Europe have convinced me ALONE to move there. I definitely want to move there. I will be conducting my own research and stuff on what it would be like to live there and how to go about doing so.


  1. the Michael Moore flick was Sicko. I fully agree but most people are such tight asses about taxes that they refuse to see that the end result is having one less bill to worry about. its a pain in the ass that i still have to go into work or take personal days off when i'm sick because i don't have the 15-20$ co-payment for the doc. imagine what a person w/o out insurance has to go through...

  2. Exactly!! Thanks for providing the movie title. I haven't seen his other movie yet but I definitely want to. The one that just recently came out. I'd much rather have the money taken out upfront then have to worry about how much money it's going to cost me to have my life saved in the hospital after I get in a car accident. I don't think the united health care system is going to change the minds of the health care CEO's but we'll see right?!?