Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stressed the eff out

My research project ideas are due today. I have settled on these three questions. Does age or gender effect your chances of being successful in a game of poker? Does learning the statistics of gambling increase the likelihood of being successful in a game of poker? and finally, Does different areas of the brain activate for different genders or age groups when an individual is judging attractiveness. I'm extremely stressed out about these ideas because I'm not sure I'm presenting them with everyhthing that my teacher is asking for.

For each idea we have to provide the question, the hypothesis, the operational definitions of the variables, independent and dependent, (unless its correlational) and the strenths and weaknesses of our ideas. For the two gambling ideas which are the ideas I'm most interested in and really want to do I am having a hard time operationally defining the variables. Clearly age and gender are easy, but the dependent variable of success is extremely difficult. The operational defintion must by accepted and understood by the scientific audience and because I have found no research that studies success in gambling I have not found any certain measure that I can use in my study. I told my teacher about my problem today. She told me to look more in addiction to gambling but I still found nothing. She did tell me to submit and see what we can do with it so I'm guessing that when she sees the idea a little bit better then maybe she will have an idea of what I can do.

This class is not starting off on a good foot. Thanks to the first part of the class that I had with the worst freaking teacher ever, I'm freaking out! If I don't graduate on time because of this I'm going to be absolutely DEVASTATED!!!!

Today is a bad day. I'm highly stressed out and aggravated. Usually my coping strategies are a lot better but I think the fact that I have a pounding headache is not helping. My bed calls my name but I know damn well I need to be spending my night working on this experiment idea and NOT catching up on the sleep that I don't get in the mornings because of how early I have to get up for work/class. GOOD FUCKING NIGHT.

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