Friday, January 29, 2010

Animal Shelters

Some of you might not know that I adopted Maddoxx. He is such an amazing part of my life and I'm so incredibly happy to have him. I spent money on him that I did not have just to get him and I've never been more happier with something in my life. I adotpted him from a NO KILL SHELTER which is why I bring your attention to this.

The Denver Dumb Friends League is an animal shelter in Denver, CO. It serves all kinds of animals, both big and small. Although this is not the place that I got Maddoxx from I definitely support it in any way I can because they have done so much not only for the animals in Colorado, but for animals NATION WIDE! They took in animals from California, Arizona, from Katrina and MORE! The animals at the shelter and the animals that may end up in the shelter, as well as the individuals who work and volunteer for the shelter need help!

They are accepting donations through an event that they are holding today. You can go to this website and donate any amount that you like! Please do so! Animal shelters are WAY BETTER than the breeding homes and stores that subject animals to cruelty and maltreatment. If you do anything to help support animals in any kind of way, make it this!

Thanks for your time. I'm typically not the type of person to blog about this kind of stuff but this is important to me because Maddoxx was saved through the shelter system and he has added so much happiness to my life that I can't thank them enough.

go do it!

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