Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First day of Last Semester

Today was my first day of the last semester of college for me. It was a good day. I like both of my on campus teachers. Those classes I think are going to be great, challenging classes. History and Systems is going to make me think and I'm definitely going to be learning a lot. The tests might be kind of hard though. It's all written so they will be made up of short answer and essays - which I am a good writer so I'm not really complaining, but they are just tedious. Research Methods II is the class I'll be conducting my own experiment in. I know I posted my idea of for my experiment, however I found out today that I will have to come up with two more ideas to turn in to my teacher before she helps me narrow down which one I'm actually going to be doing. I'll be sure to update with the other two ideas and of course which one I finally decide to do, definitely seeing as though I got a little interest in how that turns out. It made me very happy to see someone who was interested in what was going on in my life [=. I'm basically going to be MARRIED to this damn experiment so I really am hoping and praying that I can stumble my ass through this thing and come out with a good grade. I think I can conduct the research part of it, the writing part may be the hardest part for me because of the poor teaching I got in the first part of this class. My teacher did say we would be spending class time on how to write each section of the paper though so THANK GOD she is helping us with that or I'd be totally fucked! My other two classes are online. I had one teacher last semester I think online as well and the class assignments and stuff are pretty similar to what I just had last semester in that class so that shouldn't be too hard. The other class seems easy as pie really. I just have to make sure I do the readings, answer questions on the readings, and do the quizzes. I don't have to write a paper for that class either because it's a Criminal Justice class and not psych and the psych department REQUIRES at least one paper to be written in each class. i think that's a good but also STUPID AS HELL policy but oh well what does my little student opinion matter right? My books are only going to cost my like around $200.00 so that's not too bad. I have to pay for them right now and my parents will pay my back later because they don't have the money for it right now. (The deal with all three of their kids was if we went to school they would pay for the books).

Mark and I decided to do a diet together. We are going to do the ABS Diet. He has done it before and he really liked it. So far, he has been easing his way into it again lately and he has already lost six pounds so congratulations to him!! We are going to sit down this weekend and discuss costs, work out plans, and how we are going to do the meals. I think it's a great idea for the two of us to do it together because my mom refuses to do it with me and I definitely believe in motivational partners when dieting and working out. I'm hoping that I can find somewhere that I can get a pool membership too for cheap so that I can incorporate swimming into my work out because I really enjoy swimming despite how bad I am at it.

I'm pretty tired and I have to open the office again tomorrow. Good night [=

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