Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's time

Mark started his diet and work out. He's doing the ab diet which worked out for him really well before so that's really good for him. I wish I could be saying that I was doing the same thing but not quite yet. I'm thinking about trying his diet out for women though because it'll help us as a couple not go out to eat so much and instead we can cook more for each other.

I find that my main problem is one having a place to work out. Mark usually works out in his apartment which is really convenient and what I would like to do because one I don't want to be paying for a gym and two I don't want to go out of my way to work out, but when I do any work out at home I feel sick afterwards. I don't know why it happens but it's definitely not a pleasant feeling. I am hoping to give my basement a try and see if I still don't feel well afterwards. My other problem is that since my parents refuse to eat healthier I will have to buy my own groceries. Dieting is NOT CHEAP and I already constantly have no money (I always feel like at least). I've been trying to practice eating better. I typically do not eat everything on my plate, but being around Mark makes me feel really bad about that. He definitely thinks its like a carnal sin to waste food and I agree but I'm not not eating it just to waste it. I'm not eating it because I CAN'T and SHOULDN'T! Unfortunately, I'm allowing one of his problems become one of my own. I spend so much time with Mark that his dieting is not going to not affect me. I know I need to and want to diet myself, but if I don't I feel like I'm just going to get frustrated with Mark because he is going to become an annoying ass calorie counter. I think what I'm going to do is ask Mark to price how much he spends on the groceries on the meals that he purchases to make for his diet and then go from there. In the meantime, I'm going to get the ab diet work out plan and do all that I can.

I've been working on my money journal steadily. Unfortunately, my numbers aren't adding up to the numbers in my bank account even though I use that on a daily basis for reference. I'm not exactly sure what's going on there quiet yet. I'm going to give it a couple days for the bank to catch up from the holidays and then see if everything gets straightened out. Today was frustrating for me with it though. I was trying to figure it out. I asked Mark a question and he was a fucking jerk. . .we were in a car wash and he was so fucking enthralled by the stupid fucking thing he just made a quick response about something totally irrelevant and then said I don't know. It just really bugged me out because of how frustrated I already was with the whole damn thing.

Hopefully, I can get my shit together soon. Classes start soon and I've been overly relaxed this break somehow. I need to be prepared to fucking kick my final semesters ass.

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