Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just out of curiosity because my best friend Tina works two full time jobs and has no medical insurance. She hurt her knee two weeks ago playing soccer and she still can't put weight on it and it's still really bruised. I don't understand has she has two full time jobs and does not have insurance. She said she doesn't have any with the YMCA because she works for so many different departments. I don't get that. You still work for them so they should still offer you insurance. . .the different departments might have different ones but then you can just pick which one is best for you. I think she is just being naive about the whole thing so can anyone tell me what she should do. She is just being stupid because she thinks spending money on her health is not worth it apparently. I'm just like, okay bitch when you can't fucking walk in a while because of that knee don't fucking come crying to me about that shit.

Anyone know anything?

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