Monday, January 18, 2010

Classes start Tomorrow

Two online classes and two on campus classes. My FINAL SEMESTER as a college student. Hopefully, this shit goes by smoothly and quickly. I've been getting like close to forty hours a week these past couple of weeks so although the paycheck is going to be very nice, it will also be nice to switch up my schedule and have something else to do other then just sit up in this office and go home. I enjoy learning so I'm looking forward to smashing this semester.

I've been having a lot of stomach problems lately. I'm not sure if it's my diet or from drinking or not getting enough sleep or what. I have this feeling of being constantly full and whenever I go to eat, even though I was hungry a little bit, as soon as I start I'm completely full. I try to shove the food down my throat but it only makes my stomach start swelling up and feeling all bloated. I'm not sure what's going on here so I'm quitting soda, beer, and horrible foods for a while. Hopefully it works out. I have to start a new dosage of thyroid meds soon too, like as soon as I take my ass to Wal-Mart and get the prescription refilled. I'm also wondering if it's this resturant that Mark and I always eat at called Dozens. I was pretty hungry before going there on Sunday morning and then as soon as I ordered my food I did not want to eat anything. I wasn't hung over yesterday either, in fact I haven't been hung over at all when my stomach has been acting up like this. I'm not sure if I have a bug that's lasted me a couple weeks or what. =[

Maddoxx has been really bad lately. When Mark and I hang out on the weekends we usually go out to eat and just leave him in the car. Well, Saturday I tried to put my food in a spot in the car where he couldn't reach it but I didn't really realize that I put it in a spot that was too accessible for him even though he was in his seatbelt. So he ate ALL of my chicken fried steak w gravy and potatoes left overs. Then, Sunday I left the box of food on the floor board in the front seat and he fucking HOUDINI'D out of his seat belt and ate some of it. Mark was pissed! Which I understand, he fucked his car up twice and both meals Mark had paid for. =[. NO MORE HUMAN FOOD FOR HIM EVER!

I'm bored. BYE

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