Thursday, August 13, 2009

hustlin'/health care/recession.

I finally got my loan today. Not too bad I guess. Wish I could pick up some more hours at work or something to make some more money. I also went and sold some clothes, some cd's and movies, two stereos and an old car stereo. I made like $95 dollars on that total so that's good, I'm very pleased with that.

All this craziness over a national health care plan. Personally, I am in total support of the idea. I see how successful Europe has used it and how much more convenient it is. I definitely do not see any evidence of socialism or communism within the idea and I think people who claim that are scared to actually allow their government to do something for the people they usually don't give a fuck about but yet still claim to be based on. I am a little scared with the control that will be given to the government with health insurance in their hands however I truly think that for the most part it'll be safer in the governments hands then in the hands of the greedy ass CEO's and "high on the totem pole" insurance employees. At least the people have more of an opportunity in the sayings of how the program will work while it's in the hands of the government. We'll see how it all turns out though. Honestly, despite how much I want the program to go into effect I really do not believe it will. . .I think those who claim that it is socialism will have a huge fucking uprising and all hell will break lose with the Devil coming on and striking cuntadactyl's down lol. I saw an article yesterday on the BBC that claimed the U.S. Federal Reserve said that the United States is out of recession. I definitely DISAGREE! We may be well on our way out of this horrible state however there is no fucking way we are free of its troubles. I think the government needs to be a little wiser in how they say things. The statistics may be there, however the actuality of those statistics aren't fact yet.

I've really not had that much to blog on because I've been so incredibly lazy lately. . .I started a new prescription level for my thyroid though so hopefully it gives me some more energy, plus I'm going to force Markle into getting a work out regiment together for us because we both complain about how fat and tired we are all the time. It's about damn time we actually do something for it. I use to read the BBC everyday and now I'm just reading George Carlin and Pride and Prejudice and blogging on tumblr lol. Lord help me. . .school starts Monday. I need to kick my ass in gear.

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