Sunday, August 2, 2009

My phone drives me nuts!

Last night I was suppose to meet some friends up in Blackhawk at the casinos after I dropped my car off at my friends house in Evergreen. I drove all the way to Evergreen and when I went to call my friend to tell her I was near and to figure out how to get directly to her house from where I was my phone froze. It wouldn't let me do anything so I had to turn it off and then back on to reset it. It never turned back on. . .just kept turning off and on resetting its self for like an hour. I went to some gas stations to call my friend but couldn't get a hold of her. I finally was done dealing with it  and just went back home. My phone continued to reset itself starting at 9 pm when I first turned it off until 12:40 am. I was even more frustrated because I was really tired and thought it was just going to keep going when I tried to go to sleep but then it stopped right before I shut off my computer to go to bed. 

I fuckin' hate T Mobile. They're phones are so shitty. They're service is so shitty. I don't know when my contract is up but I definitely think that I will be getting a new phone as soon as it is. Hm. . .I wonder when my contract is up. I should check on that.

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