Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stupid class

I can't stand when teachers take FOREVER to return tests so that we can see our scores. On Thursday, I will have had to wait two weeks to figure out what my score was on our first exam in my Group Prejudice class. So frustrating. This teacher is super rude to us too. We were in discussion groups today and people were trying to finish up their sentence and she kept telling him to shut up. I was like wow that's extremely rude can he finish what he is saying? And this girl next to me was completely shocked, like jaw dropped laughed in astonishment that I said something like that to the teacher. I told her "I'm a little outspoken" and laughed. She agreed with me though. That class would be way more interesting if I had it earlier in the day I think because by that time of day I'm DYING to be home. . .I'm tired, hungry, and bored so I have a hard time getting involved most days. Because of this. . .I have decided that I am going to take earlier classes next semester. . .get my day over with sooner so I don't have to be at school til 345 in the afternoon and then not get home til 5. Hopefully this plan doesn't backfire and I end up never going to my early class because I'm too lazy to get up. I do good on days that I have to go to the courts and I'll be getting up around the same time for class so I should be fine though. Anyways I was just ranting and raving about lazy teachers who take forever to grade and return tests.

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