Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not so sick anymore [=

I'm definitely feeling a lot better from this kidney infection. On the right road to recovery just have to stay up on my meds! I finally got the test grade back today on the test I didn't study for. I got a C which is what I expected. I'm not happy with it because I should have done better but it's better than a D or an F. I took my two tests today. I think I did pretty good on the midterm for Abnormal Psychology, however I'm not sure when we get the scores back unless maybe we email her cuz it was just done on a scantron so I'm sure it will be pretty easy for her to give it through email. The other test was open book but it was over four HUGE chapters so that made it kind of hard. I got a 12 out of 15 so that's not bad either. I turned in all my papers. I'm disappointed in myself some because I haven't really been applying myself in my Group Prejudice class like I should be so I'm definitely going to stop half assing it. The teacher was actually, suprisingly, really understanding about my abscences for the sickness and just wanted to make sure that I get what I miss. I'm going to head to another post cuz the next was is SUPER interesting and kind of long but DEFINITELY WORTH THE READ!

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