Saturday, March 28, 2009

Great News|Upcoming Changes

I got the job @ White HouseBlack Market. I start at 8.25 and am being offered about 8-20 hours, depends on the time and stuff. I don't know exactly when I start because they are offering a position to another girl and she wants to train us at the same time so they are waiting to get her availibility and then we are going to go from there. I'm just so happy I'm getting more money. The pay kind of sucks but it's definitely better than nothing and I guess that's the type of pay that I should expect working at a women's clothing store. I forgot to ask how often we get paid however I'm pretty sure it's probably the usual every two weeks. I'll find out soon enough I guess. All I really need to know is that I'm getting more money damnit lol!

Also, I decided to color my hair brown. I am going for a chocolately brown look. There's a picture of what it will come close to looking like. The only difference is that it will not have any of the highlights in it. This picture is from when I came home from school on break one time and was getting blonde on top and brown on the bottom with skinny lowlights mixed in on the top however so FUCKED that shit up and colored it all brown. It eventually faded out and changed to what it was suppose to look like so I didn't kill the girl, although I came very close to doing so. A lot of people have seen this pic and have already approved. Mark thinks I am going to look super hawt and he loves the idea. Pretty much everyone but my parents are excited about the change. My dad is just never happy when I color or cut my hair, mostly because I use to have reeaaallly long hair when I was younger and I chopped it off and haven't been successful at growing it back since then lol. Tomorrow is the day I'm doing it. The appointment is at 2 with a girl named Ashton. I can not wait!!!
My other update is about this fucking ridiculous professor of mine. She is my Women and Violence professor. She has all these ridiculous expectations of her students however she seems to not realize that we have expectations of her as well and in my opinion she has completely failed them. We seriously have had like three weeks total of class this whole semester because she is ALWAYS cancelling class. I think that if she has other commitments that's fine but she should not hold any classes during a semester where it is full of other commitments because she is not upholding her part of the deal of being a teacher. I have not learned anything from that class except societies expectations of women. This class has been a complete waste of my time and money. I feel that she is being unfair by sticking to her schedule of assignments with projects that we must complete when she has made no sincere effort to really teach us anything. I'm seriously disappointed in her because I thought this class was going to be a GREAT class. I was very interested in it before it started but now I am just let down because it is nothing that I expected and haven't learned anything. I plan on sending her these exact words and also informing her that I will be submitting a formal complaint to the director of the Criminal Justice Department about her horrible performance this semester as a professor. I am deeply offended that she would take the time to go to a conference where professors met to complain about how lazy students are these days and then be LAZY HERSELF. She is a hyprocrit and if she can not uphold her end of the contract as a professor than she should not hold such expectations of her students. I'm actually considering putitng her on the spot and sending the email not only to her and the director but to the WHOLE CLASS as well. I have heard a lot of students complaining about her to other students in the class and I do not believe, unfortunately, that anyone will actually take the steps to complain but I'm not ashamed or scared to and I want anyone who feels the same way as I do to make sure they complain as well because if she does this to us who knows the amount of other classes and students that she has pulled this on and its unfair. Anyways, I'm just frustrated but I have stuff to get done today.
Be productive! yay!

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