Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blackout Drunk

Ughhhhh Mark and I and our friend Natasha got drunk last night. We played endless rounds of quarters and the ABC's of sex and got WASTED! Mark and I don't even really remember much of anything that happened. . .we woke up this morning at like 7 am and were both like what happened?! We definitely don't remember going to bed at all. I took my extensions out at some point in the night as well. Fun times except we're both hungover today. I don't know what the hell I was thinking last night drinking vodka. . .I NEVER drink vodka because it equals an automatic hangover for me no matter what, even if its only one drink. EW. My drink of choice is gin and juice with oj and cranberry juice and I should have stuck to my regular. We went to I Hop this morning and we both feel a little better but not much. I didn't really eat too much cuz I was scared of throwing up. I was suppose to go to class today was looking forward to finally getting the score on my test back but I made the ultimate decision to just not go. It started out as I'm not going to my first class and then my second class is cancelled so I would only have my afternoon classes but then one of them is kind of pointless and then I decided to not waste gas and time just going down there for one class. Tomorrow we are suppose to go to The Church night club. I hate that place but 21 and up females get in and drink for free so I decided to get sucked into going. I need a freaking hair cut. . .at least a trim. My bangs are super freakishly long and they're driving me nuts. Monday I gotta look at what classes are going to be available for me to take during the summer. Hopefully they offer classes that I need so I can make sure that I am going to graduate on time. I gotta apply for financial aid and a loan for that shit too. UGH! I hate doing that stuff. During the summer I'm gonna take the time to apply for some scholarships because I don't want to come out of school with too much debt you know. That's not gonna with any of my anxiety. Anyways. . .I'm going to do some job searching yay =|

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