Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good News! Version 1.0

We found a deal on Mexico that is at an AMAZING looking hotel! The whole trip is like 850 total for 7 days. It's all inclusive meaning flight, hotel room with king size bed and 24 hour room service, pool side service, food, drinks [non-alcoholic and alcoholic], non-motorized sports, fitness center, etc! Kyle was the one who found the deal but Mark and I were looking at it today and the price has gone done to 808 so we are thinking about booking it today. We are so excited about going. We're both DYING to go on vacation. If everyone goes it'll be me, Mark, Tristan, Kyle, Jessie, and Dane! Don't worry we have heard about all the drug war stuff going on down there. I talked to a lady at my job at the courts and she has family that lives down in Mexico and she said that all the resort places down there are fine and having no serious problems, the problems arise when tourists go outside of those areas and that's where the drug problems are. I can not wait! 7 days of laying by a pool and the ocean doing absolutely nothing but pigging out, drinking, and hanging out with my friends and amazing boyfriend. Yay for tanning!!!!! Yay for laying on the beach doing nothing!!!! Yay for drinking!!!! Yay for being in Mexico!!!!! lol the list goes on and on! 

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