Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm dying to go on vacation and so is Mark. We were thinking of going to Vegas with some friends this summer however we both want to be by a beach. So I am looking for deals in Mexico, Florida, and Hawaii [even though its dead expensive there he suggested it]. I'm hoping that I can find a second job pretty quickly so I can save up some money faster so that we can go sooner than what I am looking at which is June-ish. I would prefer to stay next to or very close walking distance to a beach but also near somewhere where we can be entertained in the evening and stuff so we aren't bored out of our minds. I don't really want to go to Florida because I've been there so many times before and I don't really want to be on a busy beach. I'd actually would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get like a beach condo type thing where we can walk out from our back door straight onto the beach. That's what I had in Mexico the first time I went and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, those are very expensive type things. I've been looking at packages and supposedly there are suppose to be a lot of travel deals going on but I think what they are offering really hasn't changed, still kind of expensive. Maybe that's just me though [I see everything as expensive lol]. I invited Tristan and Kyle and Dane and Jessie because if we do a beachfront condo it'll be so much cheaper to have more people! But Tristan said no so I'm looking for two beds. Here's what I've found so far:

going to
Pasoe del sol luxury 2 bed 2.5 bath
may 1 - oct 31 - 240.00 a night
240 * 5 / 4 = 300.00 per person

129 Terrasol Pool side
2 beds 2 baths
may 1 -dec 19 195.00 a night
195 * 5 / 4 = 243.75 per person

Royal Oasis 2
2 b 2 b
May 1 - Dec 19 265.00 a night
265 * 5 / 4 = 331.25 per person

I must say as a side note I have seen some of the nicest freaking places while browsing around. I would LOVE to actually just live at one of these places! They're are super nice
Villa June
2 b 2 b sleeps 4
1100.00 a week
1100.00 / 4 = 275.00 per person

Seaside Condo 2N
2 b 2 b sleeps 6
1190 a week
1190 / 4 = 297.50 per person

Seaside Condo 25
2 b 2 b
1190 a week
1190 / 4 = 2975.50 per person

Seaside Condo 4N
2 b 2 b
1190 a week
1190 / 4 = 297.50 per person

Casa Carlita
2 b 2 b
840 a week
840 / 4 = 210.00 per person

* so these places are AMAZING!!!! I think I'd prefer to book here so I'm stopping my search. Flights are next. What I found so far is the cheapest ticket is 388 so I gotta look somewhere else for these tickets maybe. yikes!!!!!!

Cheapest flights I found for same day arrival are on and They are both $549 a person WHEWWWWWW that's fuckin expensive. Any cheaper and you have to stay the night in your layover city and that's crazy stupid! I'm not paying for an extra fucking hotel room that's just dumb when I'm paying for a week for the condo. The ones that are same day arrival all pretty much go through ATL too. We'll see. I don't really know how much spending money to account for but just 200 alone already sends the total cost to over 1,000.

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