Thursday, March 26, 2009

Job Update | Generel Update

Unfortunately I have not heard back from that BlackWhite store manager on whether or not I got the job. Tomorrow I'm going to give her a call because I heard from both my manager at the courts and the tax agency that they heard from her and they both had all good things to say about me so hopefully she just was unable to get a hold of me because my phone broke on Wednesday when she called my references.

I applied for a loan today. Waiting to see if I qualify and for which amount I qualify for because there is a high and low amount that have different interest rates so I'm hoping for the low interest rate. I think my decision to ask for this loan was a great decision because it will help with my anxiety. It's a positive fix that I don't have to deal with until later in my life so hopefully I get the amount I need. I'm also hoping that I am really going to get financial aid because I don't want to have to use the majority of that money on school tuition and shit.

I mentioned earlier that's its been snowing hardcore and it's been really windy today. I'm hoping tomorrow that the weather isn't bad because I want to go to work and make money. I have to make sure I watch the news tomorrow morning and check for closures because I have a feeling that the courts won't be sending out any emails about any closures because they closed early today and there was no email. I guess either way I have to call and check for sure that they will be closed.

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