Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meh. . .=/

The past couple days I haven't been on my thyroid medication so I've been quite moody and EXTREMELY tired! Today, I felt really antisocial and just wanted "Me Time". Hopefully tomorrow after I get off work I can get my prescription refilled. I am really behind in a lot of my school work I mean I have three papers that I should be working on but because I'm so tired I have been procrastinating them. I'm just trying to get caught up on everything I've missed out on, haven't done, or trying to get ahead but I've been really unsuccessful. This weekend is definitely going to be a stay at home and just relax weekend. I'm tired of going out right now. I have fun but I've lost track of priorities. I'm so sick of school too. I found out today that the bus stop I park at to ride the train is now charging for parking. FUCK THAT! I think it's bullshit that I have to pay for parking after I already paid the school for my train pass for the semester. I think it's unfair for them to charge college students twice just because they are so far in debt already and are still trying to add onto their whole project. It's really frustrating.

Last night we went to The Ocean Aire for dinner for the whole 5280 thing. Honestly, that restaurant really wasn't worth it. Not only did the night start off bad because Mark, Kyle, and Tristan are dsyfunctional and definitely seem to have suddenly developed communications problems and were late but the restaurant just wasn't that great on the whole. Our waiter was really nice but the whole dinner took 2 HOURS!, which is absolutely ridicolous to me because although he said they were busy we ordered everything at once to speed things up but that definitely did not make a difference. I got the shrimp and grits which was okay. . .not the best shrimp I've ever had although the sauce was really good. The ceasar salad is supposedly the best in Colorado but I've definitely had way better. The mashed potatoes were amazing. And for dessert I had apple crisp with ice cream and it was pretty good. The normal menu wasn't too expensive. . .I'd say probably a little more expensive than Red Lobster. I definitely would have to say that I would have preferred to go to Red Lobster last night. I love their bread, their lobster and crab is amazing, and their salads are pretty decent too. Mark got food poisoning so that sucks for him, but he is feeling better now. I don't think the meal was worth the amount of money that was spent overall. Thumbs DOWN!

I'm starving! I've been watching Bizarre Foods and its all about pretty good looking seafood, but I'm not really sure what I'm going to eat. Nip/Tuck comes on soon so I'm just waiting around for that and then I'm going to bed asap because I gotta work at the courts in the am. On Friday I have to go and clean my apartment ]= ughhh it's going to take forever. I need to go grocery shopping too. I've been eating all of my parents food lol [fatty]! Now to go stuff myself [=

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  1. ugh bizarre foods makes me queasy lollll
    YO i thought the title said "meth" LOL