Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bridal Shower

So I went to my first bridal shower today. It was very interesting. I am very excited for my friend who is getting married because they are a great couple and beautiful together. The whole process is fun though. You play some games and then eat and then she opens her gifts. I found out through one of the games that I actually know a lot about this girl [=. While she was opening her gifts I was assigned the duty of making the "ribbon bouquet". I was really volunteered and then I agreed without having any idea of what I was suppose to be doing. I did figure it out though with the help of my mom and the soon to be brides mom. Your suppose to take off all the ribbons from your gifts and if you break any the number that you break is the number of kids you are going to have and then you give it to your [suppose to be brides maid] or whoever and they stick the ribbons through a paper plater and fold them up to make it look like a bouquet. It's really cool and cute! I had fun doing it. I thought it was really rude that people would just randomly come up to her and say that they were leaving while she was opening her gifts. Like I know that whole process is kind of boring and my mom said that is what you are suppose to do but I think leaving in the middle is rude. There was a lot of people there that I think Christine did not even know and from this I decided one thing about my wedding [if I ever have one] and that is that I do not want a lot of people there that I do not know. I think its awkward lol, but not that I don't want a lot of gifts ahahahahha [=. 


  1. i dont know how the hell i've been to more than 2 weddings, but never any bridal showers.

  2. I've only been to my cousin wedding and I was the book keeper but I didn't go to her bridal shower for some reason.