Monday, February 23, 2009

Texas De Brazil [5280]

Last night Mark, Kyle, Tristan, Jessie, Dane and I all went to dinner for the whole 5280 at Texas de Brazil. We showed up a little early and the place was packed! When we checked in they told us that the wait would probably be 45 mins after our reservation because of how busy they were. However, when we finally did get our pager we only waited 20 mins. When we sat the waitress was a very nice girl who was very informative [except for about these shots that we got]. They offered a three course meal with a salad bar, meats and mashed potatoes with fried bananas to clear your palette, and dessert. The salad bar was pretty well stocked with authentic Brazilian food. There was a asparagus with a strawberry sauce that was AMAZING. The waiters would come around after we finished our salads with meats on poles that they would cut from. The meats you could chose from were Parmasean Chicken, Chicken wrapped in bacon, some different cuts of beef, and lamb, and then some sausage. Although I am a vegetarian, I decided that I would try everything that I could chew [because of my wisdom teeth]. I really really loved the parmasean chicken. It was delicious. I did not try the lamb. The cuts of beef were kind of chewy but two of the cuts were really salty and I like salty foods so I liked them other than how they were cooked cuz they were to rare for me. The fried bananas are really good and the mashed potatoes were some of the best I've ever eaten. For dessert there was either a banana creme pie or a key lime pie. I had the banana creme pie which was absolutely amazing with banana bread crust. And I tried Mark's key lime pie. . .it was good I just don't like that kind of pie. The service was amazing. The people were very helpful and nice. We had a pitcher of Sangria and then some shots of some authentic Brazilian spirits and they were all very good. Because of the drinks dinner was a little more expensive than we had planned but we know better now. Definitely worth trying out though. . .great restaurant, great food! I have pictures but they are on Mark's camera so you'll have to wait for those. [=

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