Sunday, February 22, 2009

Severly disappointed

Still no puppy today! Ugh I'm so disappointed in the shelter but I guess I just gotta be patient. I did go and visit with him for a little though. Mark, my ma, and my dad all went to visit with him. I took him for a walk on the leash outside and he did great. He seems to be a little scared of male figures and of people touching him but I think a lot of that had to do w how busy they were and how he just got neutured so he's just sensitive to his body now. There were some little puppies around that approached him while he was standing on the ground and he nipped at them...I think he just doesn't want to be around something that rambunctious and they way they rushed at him he didn't like. Mark liked him so that's great. My dad didn't really say much which is his usual self he smiled at him though when he was sniffinf him. I started calling him Maddoxx and he came to me when I did so that's good.According to one of the volunteers she thinks the adoption process will be finalized tomorrow.I hope so but I also hope they call me early cuz I'll be in the courts so I'd have to go during my lunch to get him. I just saw the cuttest baby bulldog. I wish I could have one of those too but they're expensive! We are headed to Texas de Brazil now and I'm excited to eat some great food yay!

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