Friday, February 20, 2009

Some More Pup-paration [=


this one is a bit expensive so I gotta find one on sale

hahahaha these things are freaking hilarious!

how can I resist they're so cute!

these are suppose to be Organic. . .hm. . .I wonder if Maddoxx will like them

A toothbrush because they're known to have teeth problems

I found out that I need a pin brush and a slicker brush [for after baths and during drying the fur ONLY] in order to take care of his hair. And a shampoo that is for white dogs. I'll probably take him to a groomer only to get his hair cut because I don't even begin to know how to cut a dogs hair and I don't want him looking like a r-tard lol! Thank God I am hopefully getting this third job so that I can afford to take of my little boy. I plan on trying several different foods that he might be interested in but I heard abot Solid Gold on another website so I guess I'll try that out first. So far, there's been no changes in his Adoption Pending status online but tomorrow is they day they are suppose to call so hopefully they do otherwise I'll be devastated. I got nothing else and I'm kind of tired actually so I'm probably going to head to bed. Night all. [=

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