Friday, February 27, 2009

5280: Ruth Chris'

This place is a very SWANKY and sophisticated steak house. We got all dressed up and were looking HAWT! [lol]. Unfortunately, I felt like crap all the way down to the restaurant. I kept feeling like I was going to throw up then I would get hungry and then naseaus again. We sat down and I drank a couple waters and felt a lot better. We got a choice of a three course meal again. Salad, main dish, which two different kinds of steak made three different ways like 6 oz 8 oz or filet, ahi tuna, lobster tail stufffed with crab meat, and a couple other things I can't really remember were offered, and a dessert, which was the choice between a chocolate mouse cheesecake or a whiskey bread pudding. I got the Steak Oscar with crab meat on top and a bernaise sauce with asparagus on the side. Tristan and Kyle got the same thing as me. Mark got the Steak Frites [pronounced Freet-tez lol] which was a steak with some little french fries/hashbrown type things. We also got a side order of BBQ Lobster Mashed Potatoes. Everything here was absolutely DELICIOUS! I was still nervous about my stomach so I didn't eat any of my seafood, like the crabmeat and lobster potatoes, I did try them and they were great but I gave the rest to Tristan cuz she didn't get much crabmeat. My steak was suppose to be Medium Well unfortunately it was a little too red for me especially since I haven't eaten meal in quite sometime. . .[besides Texas de Brazil]. The chocolate mouse cheesecake was AMAZING!!! and Tristan said she really liked her bread pudding. I don't like whiskey and the bread pudding didn't look to appealing to me so I didn't try it. Mark said you could definitely taste the whiskey in it. The service was a little iffey however. Our actual waiter was only there to take our order. I don't even think he brought out our drinks. Everyone else, like the runners did most of the work. Everyone was very polite but it just seemed weird that the waiters don't do a whole lot. All in all, the experience was extremely well worth it. This is one of Mark's favorite restaurants. My only complaint is how EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE it normally is. I failed to look at the regular menu prices but just the side of lobster potatoes was $30 ALONE! RIDICULOUS besides the fact that it fed four people. It is a very, very nice restaurant for an anniversary or VERY SPECIAL OCCASION! Thumbs up all around. [=

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