Friday, February 13, 2009

Education Systems

Even though I'm absolutely exhausted I'm still going to dedicate some of my little bit of energy to blogging mostly because I know I want be able to sleep if I try to go to bed. Thursday in my women and violence class my teacher wanted to discuss an issue that she went to a conference about. The main issue addressed at the conference was freshmen college students and devising ways to make sure that they graduate because there is apparently an issue of freshmen not graduating. College professors at the conference complained of students being lazy, irresponsible, constantly complainging and more. Unfortunately, I believe this accussations are completely accurate, but I think that the causes of these problems are misunderstood and under addressed. There were many reasons for these problems that were proposed by different students in my class including a non-caring attitude because most freshmen are not paying for their college and they don't realize what it is like to have that much money coming out of your pocket and letting it go to waste, that freshmen students are simply just lazy, and more. The list goes on and on. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to add in my opinion but I honestly believe that the problem stems from our high school education systems. First and foremost, high school educations are becomingly more and more easy. I feel they are no longer challenging students and teachers and parents are allowing students to become lazier and lazier. I have heard many times from fellow college students that during their high school years they never had any homework, they never had to write papers, they did simple, stupid shit that really seemed like a waste of time. Honestly, if I was getting an education like that I would not want to go to school either. I think that schools need to reform their programs, make class plans stricter and more challenging, and schools need to encourage students to challenge themselves. I took AP Engligh my senior year and all the years before that I took honors classes. I refused to take any regular classes because I knew they would be a waste of time and I wasn't wrong. I'll be the first to admit that I passed my AP class, however, I did not pass the test that got me the college credit. I ABSOLUTELY 100% DO NOT REGRET taking that class. Not passing the test would seem like a waste of time but it really challenged me. I learned how to read and analyze things better, I learned how to think and speak better, and I learned how to write A LOT better. Students in regular classes dedicate their time to learning spelling words, doing basic math, and learning about science information that they learned in middle school. Regular class programs ABSOLUTELY need to removed from all schools. They are not challening enough and are not properly preparing students for future education. I think students should be required to choose from either honors or ap classes ONLY and if they aren't successful in these classes than they should be required to receive mandatory tutoring so that they can be successful. Our students need to be learning more, challenging themselves more, and encouraged to prepare themselves for higher education and the real world. I think our public school systems are seriously disappointing and the progress that they AREN'T making doesn't say anything good for the future. As for colleges, I strongly believe that freshmen come in to colleges thinking about fascinating and interesting courses, but to their shock, they are forced into basic courses that they just finished completing for FOUR YEARS. I think that the requirement of Honors and AP classes during high school could eventually and hopefully remove the requirement of basic courses like Intro to English I and II, Basic Math, History, and Government in college. Don't get me wrong. . .I think these classes are important but going over them after you just studied literally ALL the same stuff in high school is depressing, BORING, aggravating, and disappointing. I'm looking for college to give me a HIGHER EDUCATION, not go over everything that I just learned in high school. I definitely saw these classes as a waste of time and I can see where college professors get fed up with the laziness of freshmen but I don't believe that they have a full understanding of why students are lazy when they are in those classes. It's hard to care when you just did all this stuff and now you're being forced to do it again. . .it basically makes you wonder if I have to take these classes in college what is the point of high school? I'm passionate about this. . .I've complained for a long time about the inadequate education systems of America but I think that I have enough disappointment with it built up that I plan on making a statement about it. Hopefully I'm successful in what I have to propose to the school systems. Wish me luck! I'll keep you updated.

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