Thursday, February 19, 2009

Successful Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Yay the last two wisdom teeth are gone. . .and the infection is getting better everyday. Surprisingly. . .this time. . .I have very little pain from the surgery. . .last time was horrible and I could only sleep. I'm definitely a lot happier this time. I actually ate a bean and cheese burritto [my fav] earlier, which I wasn't suppose to but everything else my mom was giving me wasn't filling me up and I was starving. I looked online today at Maxfund. . . Maddoxx is only a 100 to adopt and right next to his picture it says Adoption Pending so I'm really excited. I'm very much hoping that I get the call in the next couple of days that I can come and get my baby love! I really can't wait. I wish I had him to cuddle with today. Mark's going to come visit in a little while after work [=. I'm just bored looking online at what kind of clothes Maddoxx might be interested in wearing lol [=. I'll post some pics up in a seperate blog. Hope yall had a good day!

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