Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

Me and Mark had a GREAT Valentine's Day. I got him a gift card to Outback. . .pictures of me in a ribbon. . .I got take out from Outback and I plated it all and decorated his apartment some. It was really cute. He's such a sweetheart he got me two gift cards to any spa. [= Awesome cuz I've never been to a spa. . .hopefully I will be able to go soon. I was looking up the different spas online and I'm going to go to this Jon Ric International Day Spa. With one of the gift cards I'm going to do either a manicure or pedicure and then I think I'm going to save the other one til summer, like before we go to Vegas, and use it to get a bikini or Brazilian wax. Yay I'm so excited!! Unfortunately the day after Valentines I woke up with a horrible tooth ache because my wisdom teeth are growing in. Turns out, the bottom right one is infected and that's why I felt so crappy. So tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and since the surgeon isn't in til Thursday, if my doctor decides he wants them removed he'll just inject me and pull them out. . .not put me under. I heard just getting injected really sucks because you can hear everything going on but you can't feel anything. But Mark said he was back at work in three days and the first time I got my other two wisdom teeth pulled I was out for like two or three weeks or something. It sucked. I don't know. . .I just get nervous because I have no pain tolerance, but I want it over and done with so I don't have to worry about this shit anymore.

Anyways, even though I felt shitty me and Mark went to Colorado Springs and explored down there cuz that's where he use to live. His house is ginormous and absolutely beautiful. I took a nap cuz I still didn't feel well, but before that we went to the C. Springs Zoo. It was SOOOOOOO amazing. When I get the chance I will upload photos. We got to feed giraffes and because I was feeding them a baby one let me pet it. I got pictures with them sticking their tongues out all the way and standing right next to me. It was by far the best zoo experience I've had so far. I wish I could get a behind the scenes tour one day and get the chance to pet atleast all the animals once you know. That would be absolutely amazing. My ma and I are going to the Denver Dumb Friends League today to look at puppies. I can't wait. There's a puppy store right by there so I'm going to take her there too. I don't feel like going into work today so I'm playing hooky lol. Hope you guys had a good Valentines day. Pictures Coming Up Soon!

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