Friday, February 20, 2009

What To Eat

One of my followes gave me a great idea to blog on the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown situation. . .that shall come later. My only problem with that is I don't know both sides of the story so really everything is just he said/she said.

For now, I'm having a hard time deciding what I'm going to make myself to eat. I'll probably go with a baked potatoe that's really mushy lol, but I can't really think of anything else that doesn't require a whole lot of chewing that will fill me up. I had soup last night and I don't think it's the best idea. . .my doctor said that I shouldn't eat things that are hot I guess. I'm trying to do some reading for my Policing class but it's so boring. . .I'm glad I decided to minor in Criminal Justice instead of majoring in it. Learning this type of stuff in the field is going to be way better. I wish I had some macaroni and cheese but I ate it all lol. [ooops fatty.] I guess I'll make a baked potatoe and and do some spaghetti with veggie marinara sauce.

I wish I had my own personal cook to make me whatever I wanted when I'm too lazy to cook myself. I like to cook but there are days like today that I'm just to lazy to do it [hahahaha]. I'm still trying to find things to do to kill time til tomorrow. Maybe Mark, Kyle, and Tristin will want to go bowling or something tonight. I think I'm getting cage sickness from being in the house almost all week. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I think I found a third job! Yay! My manager at the tax spot talked to one of her clients who needs a receptionist part time and she said she was very interested in me. I gotta call my manager and email her my resume so that she can forward it on. Yay wish me luck cuz I definitely need the money [=.

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