Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Puppy Today

The problem was that they didn't have enough references for me so I gave them two extra ones today and they called them all and so now I just have to wait for their boss to approve. Hopefully they call me tomorrow to go and pick up my baby. Thank God my friend Jessie kept me busy all day helping her look for an apartment for her and her boyfriend. We found some really cute ones, especially ones that I really like but are WAY out of my price range ]=. Denver is very expensive to live in anyways but great views! I think I'm going to take a nap soon because Mark and I are going out to celebrate a friends' birthday I guess. I probably shouldn't drink but I probably will because I kind of want to. . .I mean I've been couped up in the house almost all week and this coming week I really gotta get my shit together. Oh yeah, I'm emailing my manager my resume today so hopefully I hear from the realtors about my third job [=. I need to try and find some time to fill out this food stamps app too. I bet it's a good idea to send all the shit they need along with the app so they have everything they need altogether. I think I have to do an interview for them too. . .hm. . .kind of wondering what they'll say if I have to report that I have three jobs and supposedly am a poor college student lol. I'll do my best to convince them.
So seperate from that news, I discovered this thing on Boogz blog and figured I would go along with it cuz it looks kind of interesting. [=
Shampoo: Pantene Pro V Color Safe
Condtioner: Pantene Pro V Color Safe
Styling products: Pantene Pro V Heat Protection
Shower Gel: whatever smells good!!
Moisturizer: Lubiderm Lotion
Deodorant: Secret I think
Spray onFake Tan: I use Ocean Force for tanning lotion when I go tanning but no spray on Cleanser: Neutrogena Acne Protection Face wash
Eye makeup remover: Erm. . .it's generic I can't rember it's name.
Primer: dont use it
Foundation: Bare Minerals light and a face bronzer
Foundation brush: It's by Bare Minerals.
Concealer: same as my foundation
Powder: nope
Blusher: Bare Minerals shiny pink prettiness lol
Bronzer: it's by uhm. . .maybeline bare minerals or something
Highlighter: none
Eyeshadow base: n/a
Eyeshadows: it's either silver or gold both by Bare Minerals if I wear it, only when I go out usually.
Eyelash curler: Rarely use it
Eyelash base: none.
Mascara: Max Black
Lipstick: nope
Lipgloss: I can't wear lipgloss it makes my face break out
Nail Colour: pink, orange, red.
I really don't like to wear that much makeup because my face is really sensitive. Bare Minerals is the only make up I can successfully use in order to make sure that is does not break out, unfortuantely though it's really expensive. I think girls who wear like a lot of eye make up and stuff can sometimes look pretty but I think a lot of girls look like they CAKE on their make up and I try to look as natural as possible to keep away from that nasty mistake. I DESPERATELY need to color my hair, I got the stuff for it already, I just have to use this product to get my medicine out of my roots so that the color will hold there. I'm going for a brighter more natural looking ash blonde instead of a gold. I think that we're going to try it out on my hair first and then do my extensions so I can make sure that I like it. I need a new stylish hair cut too. . .atleast something a little different but nothing that takes away from the little bit of length that is has grown. [stupid thyroid lol]. Anyways, I'm gonna lay down for a little while because I have to start getting ready soon. Cross your fingers for me tomorrow and pray that I can go and pick up my baby love!


  1. good luck!!
    i want this yorkshire terrier sooooooooo bad!! it's the only kinda dog I can be around without it being a death sentence cuz of allergies LOL.

    me too! my face breaks out easy if i put too much on. LOLLL @ cake. true huh, looks like they just landed their face in an iced cake

  2. Lmfao Boogz uhm I think I saw the pic of the puppy and he is absolutely adorable. Dogs that have HAIR instead of FUR are really good for allergies. We are actually allergic to their dandruff or skin particles so dogs like bichons [that's what my baby is], some shit zu's [hahahaha], poodles, and yorkies are good for allergies. I know how you feel though any other dogs and I'm having an asthma attack and I got hives all over as soon as I touch them. I can't stand it! Thanks though [=