Sunday, February 22, 2009

Denver Restaurant Week

There's a popular magazine for Colorado called 5280 [get it because we are 5,280 feet clever!] that is doing this thing called Restaurant Week. This event is a celebration of the amazing diverse culinary scene in Denver. The whole thing works like this: Participating restaurants that are normally VERY EXPENSIVE to eat at are providing multi-course meals [number of meals depends on the restaurant] for $52.80 for two people or $26.40 for one person. There are 208 participating restaurants to chose from and this is a great opportunity for people to go on dates or out with friends and try new and exciting things! [They are also doing the same type of deals on really expensive hotels too]. '

I am sooooo excited about this thing. Regardless of whether or not I can chew the food that they will be serving because of my damn wisdom teeth being still kind of sore I will be there! Mark's friends are also getting in on these great deals. Tonight we are going to Texas De Brazil which I'm really excited about because my Mom told me one day this place has really good food the only problem is that the regular price is like $15 per person! We are also going to Ruth Chris', which is a very expensive steak house that Mark absolutely LOVES, and a sea food restaurant I just saw for the first time ever last night called Oceanaire. I'm really looking forward to the great eats and can't wait! I'll update you as we try out the restaurants and let you know what I think of the restaurant, the workers, the food, etc. [= 

p.s. I'm still waiting on the phone call for Maddoxx today. Cross your fingers! 

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