Saturday, February 21, 2009

Instead of Sleeping

I bounced around the net looking for new music which I'm sad to say that anything really good is hard to come by these days ]=. However, I have recently discovered this kid Asher Roth. . .

he's not bad. . .quite entertaing song called "I Love College" infact that I actually like. . .as well as a few others. He kind of reminds me of Eminem so I guess that's where I am getting my spike of interest in. [side note: my phone keeps ringing and it's a number I don't recognize so I refuse to answer cuz I'm sure it's some people I recently flatlined and want nothing to with but it's getting on my nerves, except for the dancing to my ringer hahaha]. FOCUS! Anyways, I would recommend checking him out. . .you might not like him and I respect that I just find him similar to Eminem and I kind of miss that guys work so I guess I found a substitute till Eminem puts out some more stuff other than "Crack That Bottle" or whatever it's called. [=

BTW. . .I discovered that it is one of the persons I recently flatlined that keeps calling from a different number [God how unslick you really are. . .I'm not fuckin slow]. He'll text me then call then text again. I'm not so sure why it's so hard to get the idea through his fuckin thick ass head that I don't want to be associated with him or THEM anymore so it's time to just leave me alone. Normally, I'm not so nice with people about things like this, but seriously, I'd rather not deal with the immaturity they would only bring into my life if I acted my normal self and handed out the words of how disgusted I am with them. Anyways. . .I have to be at Mark's in 30 mins. . .surprise surprise I will be LATE [=.

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