Sunday, February 22, 2009

4 Hours of sleep

I feel super shitty. . .going on only 4 hours of sleep. . .knowing damn well I will probably be hung over later, or at least have the hung over headache because of that hookah, but I can't sleep. It's very frustrating cuz me and Mark got home at like 4 30 last night and my stomach and head already don't feel great. I shouldn't have spent any money last night but of course I did like a doo doo head dummy. I got an email from my tax professionals job. . .looks like that as well as the realtor people is going to be put on hold basically. They have no work for me. DAMN!!! Freakin' draught as soon as I'm about to move out and need to pay bills. . .WHERE DID ALL MY MONEY GO?!?!?!?! Maybe I'll try to go sell some stuff but I highly doubt I will really get much. Last night was okay fun. . .I lost horribly to Mark in pool. It's been a long time since I've played and my skill level has definitely gone down the drain. Lucky him he's still in bed snoring. Hhahahahaha oh yeah I manhandled a guy last night. I thought I saw him grab my friend Jessie's ass, [turns out he was only joking] then a guy that I worked with at some point but didn't really know at the ambulance spot told me he was grabbing her ass. So I turned away from him leaned against the bar and asked Jessie if she was okay. She said yeah but as she did so the guy forcibly grabbed my arm and called me a cock block [he was totally wasted, but I still don't stand for someone I don't know grabbing me like that]. I twisted my arm around and grabbed his forcibly and told him to watch his hands. His friend standing next to him put his hands up in surrender and shook his head. It was kind of funny cuz Mark just watched it all procede and said he thought "I don't want to punch him." Lol I told him I would fight my own battles lol. That guy is just one of those idiots that doesn't know when to cut himself off not only from alcohol but also from being around people in public hahahahaha. Needless to say, he stayed away from me and Jessie for the rest of the night. I guess today I need to figure out how much everything is going to cost when we move so that I know how much money I am going to need. [BTW I know I always make myself sound like I'm horribly broke ALL THE TIME, but I'm not. I just have money anxiety constantly] I enjoyed living on my own and getting the experience but I think it would have been wiser for me to just stayed where I was and saved up money. . .I would be so much better off. You live and you learn and now all I have left is a year to do that with two jobs that I don't get any hours with. . .[= yay lol. I keep feeling sick to my stomach I think I'm going to go shower and then try to fall back asleep. 

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