Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm so impatient.

I'm dying for this phone call from Maxfund telling me that I can come and pick up my baby! I guess their suppose to call me tomorrow but I don't want to wait another day! I wanna go and get my baby and take him to the store to pick out what he wants to play with, what he wants to eat, what he wants to wear, etc! I'm sure he can't wait to get out of that stupid metal cage either and get to run around and meet all my friends and all my friends puppies! I was actually pretty productive today for just having surgery yesterday. My roommate had her wisdom teeth pulled today, 3 of em. YIKES! Her face is way swollen and she is in a lot of pain but she hasn't taken any of the vicodin. . .that's the first thing I did when I woke up when I got my first 2 pulled. My face is swollen a little bit but this morning was really the only time I've had bad pain. . .I just popped some IB Profun and I've been feeling fine. I'm glad this time wasn't as bad as the first time cuz I got an extra day at the courts on Monday and I need the money since we're moving out soon and I have to pay bills as well as get Maddoxx's food and stuff. Today, so far, I have went tanning, took a shower, started my laundry [gotta go get some more soap], cleaned up my room, vaccummed, made my bed. I still need to clean my bathroom and this cooler from freakin Super Bowl Sunday [ew!], and study and get caught up on any homework I haven't been doing. I know I have a test not this coming Thursday but the Thursday after that. I still need to write another paper on any topic I chose for Psychology before Spring Break and I probably missed two quizzes in my Women and Violence Class that I can't make up. Oh well. . .I'll make up the points somewhere else. I also have to get a topic together for my Policing class. . .I think my topic might be due soon. . .so I also gotta get going on that paper. I like to get papers done early because I'm a good essay writer and I don't like to procrasinate that shit. Anyways, I gotta go get myself put together since I just got out the shower and then get the rest of the stuff on my list done. Hopefully, this will all keep me busy while I wait for tomorrow to come and I get the phone call that I can go and pick up my baby [=. In the meantime, you guys come up with something for me to blog about cuz I've got nothing!

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  1. blog about the long ongoing war between ninjas and pirates.
    If not look into the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation for your Women and Violence Class.