Thursday, February 26, 2009

Recent Update

I know I up and disappeared but I've been super busy and feeling super SHITTY lately. My mouth infection has not gone away so last night and the night before I felt like crap but today I've been doing okay as long as I keep my fever down. I've been feeling so badly though that I haven't been doing anything but coming home and sleeping, which means I never looked at my syllabus' and realized that I had a test today in my Group Prejudice class. I didn't study for it at all really, I skipped a class before it to do some but it didn't help too much. It was kind of hard, which I knew it was going to be too, and I would have done great had I studied, but I think that I did okay on the writing part. I got a little caught up on some reading today. . .I have to do some more tonight and tomorrow.

Maddoxx is doing great! He loves me deeply and is a little attached! He follows me EVERYWHERE [even into the bathroom]. Mark spent the night the other night and he likes Mark now so that's good [=. My ma has been taking care of him while I've been at school or work. The first day she locked him in the bathroom for 3 hours and he tore up the door [yikes my dad was pissed]. My ma is going to pay to fix it since it wasn't my fault [thank god]. He wakes me up at like 4 am to go pee though so that's really unfortunate. I bought him one of the shirts I liked and its a little big because I knew he would grow some hair back but he doesn't like it. He scoots around on the floor trying to get it off it's quite entertaining actually. [=

I had a really bad money anxiety attack on Wednesday and thank god I've been sick otherwise I would still be having one. I'm really stressed about being able to afford my bills and rent when we move out. Unfortunately, I know for a fact that I am not going to be able to, so I've pretty much resolved to paying my phone bill late and then if I have to, Tina offered to lend me some money so I might have to do that. It really sucks that I don't get hours at either one of my jobs. I was counting on two pretty good checks this week and next week but I haven't gotten any hours so that was a huge FAILURE! I have yet to check the March schedule for the courts yet but I doubt the hours are going to be any different. Once again, I am in search of a new job, something to replace the tax agency with because they really don't have anything for me and although I am thankful for them giving me anything it kind of is a waste of time. I was looking online yesterday and saw some tips like donate plasma or get a paper route so I might do those on the side just for extra cash. There's also stuff like "mystery shopping" but I'm not so sure about those things. My ma sent me some emails of places I need to send my resume out to so I'm going to do that tomorrow.

Tonight we are going to a really nice steak house for that whole 5280 thing. It's called Ruth Chris'. I guess Tristan and Kyle are coming too so maybe if Mark lets me bring Maddoxx over they'll get to meet the little monster. I'll post about the experience later. Right now, I'm going to do some job hunting and then some homework before I get ready to go to dinner. [=

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