Monday, February 16, 2009

[insert interesting title here]

So I'm reading for homework now. . .extremely long and not that interesting topic [women who are forced into the gender entrapment theory that results in them becoming criminals] and I'm distracted. I don't really support this theory because basically what it's saying is that these women just found an excuse for the crimes they've committed, blaming it on the poor treatment that they got as children, the abuse that they were subjected to, and the society's that they were forced to grow up in. Personally, I think that most of these stories are true. . .the fact of the matter is though. . .I think that there are a lot of women out there that will tell these stories in order to get sympathy or empathy and hope for someone, ANYONE REALLY, to be on their side and make it seem like whatever they do is okay. Unfortunately, I think that the researchers kind of got sucked into believing everything they heard and may have fallen into the trap.

Anyways. . .I'm quite bored. I'm waiting for my camera to charge so I can upload the zoo pictures. I've been trying to download some songs but limewire is being it's usually ass self. Damnit. . .now the window randomly closed. . .fucking bastard. Lol. I forgot to mention on my Valentine's Day my ex Josh found himself drunk texting me [six messages] about how he luvs me and how he's sorry that things didn't work out but they should have and how he doesn't care what I tell my boyfriend about him. . .woopty woopty woo. Dip shit texted me six times continuously at 3 am. Me and Mark were both pretty upset since we both fell asleep at like 8 pm hahahaha. Anyways. . .I didn't respond to any of the texts. . .I refuse to waste my time on that shit. I'm in a much more AMAZING point in my life with someone else and I've already wasted enough time on him. It's kind of amusing that he's doing that type of thing though because he swore he's not the type of person to act like this. It's amusing but only to a certain point because it seems to be a trend with a lot of my ex's. . .just weird because girl's are suppose to be doing that type of shit and I definitely don't so they like take over hahahaha. [devious grin] suckers.

Ugh I can't wait to get this wisdom tooth taken care of. I'm constantly hungry but when I start to eat it hurts so I lose my appetite. I just delicious looking grilled veggies on a bed of rice but now it's all going to complete waste because I took two bites and my mouth started hurting again. Damn infection. . .bastard child. Today was such a beautiful day. It was 60 degrees. I can't wait til summer. I got my toe nails did. . .they orange with a green and white flower. . .they're so cute. My mom was nice enough to pay otherwise I definitely can't afford that luxury right now. I really to get my hair colored. I decided I want to color it the color of the Girl's Next Door girl Kendra. . .the one that like sports I think. . .she has a really pretty ash blonde. . .I'll have to do my extensions too hopefully they turn out good. I'm going to get some more reading done. . .hopefully I don't fall asleep. [= I'll be back with pictures.

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