Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tooth + Education Update

I went to the dentist today he took one look at my tooth and told me that my upper wisdom tooth was coming in and since my bottom tooth is coming in weird the upper one is cutting my gums and it caused an ulcer that got infected. It is SO painful. Anyways, I'm getting these last two bastard children pulled out on Thursday. I got some antibiotics to kill this infection and hopefully when I get them pulled this infection isn't going to create more problems like a dry socket or some dumb shit. I'm so tired of feeling sick to my stomach. Everytime I try to eat or atleast am somewhat successful at it, I feel sick and it sticks with me for several hours.

Uhm. . . on the whole better education thing I got my ma signed on to help me out. I'm making up some survey questions to adminsiter. I made that group on facebook but I haven't really checked it out. I know some people joined though which is great. Don't forget to get involved yourself. [=. I gotta finish up some of this homework and try to figure out what I missed in class today and what I'll be missing on Thursday since I have to get these teeth removed. Those are all the updates I got for ya.

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